Customize Tooltip - How?

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1. Show all, don't truncate
Problem: When the text/link is too long to be shown in the tooltip, it will truncate it as "..."
I want the tooltip to show all texts/links without truncating.

This is my CSS:
tooltip {max-width: none !important;}
However the tooltip is limited to the width of the screen and only 1 line max.
Thus the llong link/text will still be truncated when it reaches the end (right side) of the screen.

How can I solve this issue?
Hmm... is it possible to tell it to wrap line so it can display?

2. Tooltip Delay Time
How can I configure the "Tooltip Delay Time"?
I want it to show up almost instantly once I hover over the item.

Is it possible to achieve it via CSS? (probably no, right?)
If not, any method (eg extensions, some hacking in Firefox) or workaround is also appreciated?


  • Does anyone know?
  • 1. Firefox has a bug about multi line tooltips. I think it'll be fixed in Firefox 3.
    2. Definitely not CSS. I'm not sure what you would set to change it.
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