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Button "Install style" is unclickable

edited May 2017 in Chrome
Hi guys!
I really need your help. When I try to install new style on, pressing on 'Install style' button does nothing.
Everything works OK with 6 styles in Stylish dropdown list.
I am using Vivaldi Browser (Chromium).
Any suggestions?
Thank you!


  • No problem.
  • I also have this issue (on Firefox 53). How can I install the fix referenced in the Vivaldi forum? Thank you.
  • ldesousa said:

    I also have this issue (on Firefox 53). How can I install the fix referenced in the Vivaldi forum? Thank you.

    While obviously a related bug with UA detection on US.o, yours is likely the Linux specific issue described here.

    The fix referenced in the Vivaldi forum is to use Stylus instead, since it has implemented a fix, whereas Stylish devs claim they can't reproduce this bug. Stylus is a fork of Stylish-for-Chrome, and is an upgrade for Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi, in my biased opinion.

    A version of Stylus for Firefox is in development, but it still hasn't been reviewed by Mozilla, so it can't be installed in regular Firefox yet. It can be installed in WaterFox and less restrictive forks. That said, it is very much a fork of Stylish-for-Chrome modified for Firefox compatibility, which is very different than the legacy Stylish-for-Firefox. It's built on the WebExtensions platform, so styling the browser UI and internal pages are restricted for security reasons, just like in Chrome. Not what FF users want to hear, but this will be the new reality if you plan on sticking with FF through v57+. All legacy addons like Stylish 2.0.7 will be deprecated.

    In the meantime, or even afterward if using a final ESR which I guess will be v56, I haven't seen any reason you can't use them alongside each other. Stylus as a regular userstyles manager, and the legacy Stylish for any UI styles. When installing regular styles, just dismiss the Stylish dialogue and install in Stylus.

    It's all a matter of how much the Stylus UI and features appeal to you. AFAICT, the injection of styles is just as seamless. DB backups being interchangeable between FF and Chrome is particularly convenient. Another huge advantage IMO, is that Stylus correctly detects pushState URL changes, and can change CSS accordingly if specified. The legacy Stylish-for-FF cannot. Pretty sure this was unique to Stylish-for-Chrome, and therefore Stylus as well. Even other style managers in Chrome, or TamperMonkey stylesheet injections don't account for pushState, AFAIK.

    Back to your original question. While Stylus has fixed install issues for Vivaldi, I'm not sure it's confirmed to be fixed for the Linux specific bug. You could test in Chrome/Chromium and let me know. You can also test in Firefox if you're able to get it installed, or follow the directions to install as a temporary addon on AMO.
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