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Make style settings great again.

Everyone knows what the style settings do, they are custom settings for themes that users can change to their needs.
But as of now, the process of creating a theme revolving around custom style settings is such a slog most put the global values on top of the source instead of going through the process, which involves setting up the style and uploading it, and then try testing the settings if they work, if the theme fails,then that's one style you just delete and waste time with.

Basically, there will be a button in the stylish code editor called "Style settings" you click on it, a new tab will be created with options to create new style settings, edit style settings, and run the style settings. When the run button is pressed, it will run all the default colors (unless you specify) on the website. Plus, the style setting syntax, which is currently /*[This]*/, should not create a error in the checker, as it is valid.

This will be great for creators because it would simplify the creation process alot and not force creators to put their global values on top of the code, which some people that aren't really code-savvy will not understand. Also, it would make testing style-settings many times easier, a you don't have to upload it and develop it and update it then continue developing it and so forth.
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