Fibe online TV style request

OK, I don't know if anyone else uses this site, but I'm with Bell Canada and they have an online TV thing (same with Rogers).
I use the Online TV a lot and the default style is getting kinda bland and samey, so I'm requesting for anyone who has the ability and time to make a theme or two for the website "" like an alternate colour scheme.

I'm posting a screenshot with how the site looks ATM... also I'm inspecting what I can from the style section in the "F12" menu

if anyone can assist me in any way, lemme know by replying to this discussion.
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  • No luck as of yet.
    i did have it (i was doing a red "Rogers" style theme), but the style editor decided to undo all the changes...
  • It'll be tough to get assistance with a site which requires a paid account to access. Otherwise somebody probably would've responded.
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