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Style settings are back, but...

I'm glad they're back, but please make the style settings visible by default, and not just when clicking "advanced settings".
Many users will miss the "advanced settings" button, and some styles absolutely depend on those settings and require user input.


  • I totally agree.
    And there's another thing I've already said on another thread: by clicking the "show css code" button, the code that will be installed does not appear with the options chosen, even if they are the default options. Only the basic code appears, clean, with no options.
    This is wrong.
  • ontop of that style settings aren't saved either (in the advanced options menu anyways). they are still saved in the actual style, but the advanced options menu always reverts back to default settings for everything.
  • plus, theres STILL no way you can test out custom settings within the editor, you have to upload it before you test it and its just a hassle.
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