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I've just made a tiny script that attempts to show user's styles at his forum profile page. What do you think about it?



  • hehe, installed immediately:P
  • I like this one. Could you possibly write a script that add a button or link to from the forum.
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    @jw25 That would be nice too. Maybe make "" at the top of the page into an active link like they do at


    There is a bug in here somewhere. When I look at my own profile it shows: "This user has not written any styles", but I can see everyone else's styles.

    When I click on either of the comments links I am taken to Unlucky Goat's (user #1379, I'm #1381) comments page.

    [Edit 2]

    Now it says, "Sorry, this user is not supported by this script: Unlucky Goat/Webb"
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    Yeah, as I said, the script attempts to show one's styles. There is no regular relation between your forum profile and your styles profile, but I've noticed that style profile number often equals [forum profile number - 2]. If anyone knows how to make this work for every profile, please notify me.

    Edit: Maybe make "" at the top of the page into an active link like they do at - done.
  • Thank you
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    OK, why can't i even load the script page? Tab's just hanging there 'loading...' and a few minutes later it says: .... temporary unavailable....
    Anyway, am i misunderstanding (again!) how it's suppose to work? - you have to know a user's name to be able to see their styles, correct? (I miss being able to check styles by user's names, as you can tell). Please, someone, enlighten me. TIA for your time.
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    Forum profile page has location like "[number1]"
    Styles profile - "[number2]"

    For people with 4-digit number, number1 == number2 + 2. For others, IDK.
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