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  • calico女 said:

    Small sign of progress I just noticed, the issue concerning the Styles Graveyard has been resolved, and the link is back.

    dear @calico女 when did you solve styles options bug?next week or next next week or next next next week.....
  • catcat520 said:

    calico女 said:

    Small sign of progress I just noticed, the issue concerning the Styles Graveyard has been resolved, and the link is back.

    dear @calico女 when did you solve styles options bug?next week or next next week or next next next week.....
    Trust me, I feel your pain and frustration catcat. My post is meant to convey a small glimmer of hope that things are moving along behind the scene. Daily progress updates from the development team would be so incredibly beneficial, but that just isn't their modus operandi.

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    Can't install any skin from the site.
  • 1 week and webpage still broken, this must be a joke.
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    Yes, this new style is definitely problematic. Look at, for instance, this style. Previously, there were many useful customization options for said style which are no longer available (old version for comparison here). As it stands, this new style is buggy and should be provided as a beta right now until such bugs are ironed out.

    As I don't think that will happen, you can use Google/Bing/Yandex/Baidu caches which settings works and allow installing until they update. Also you can use freestyler.ws, unless style (formally) is an App type (not including 'chrome-extension') userstyle in which case is not hosted there.

    To install any style with options here on userstyles.org, if you have a cached version with options (even not working like on WayBack-Machine) and current version here has not changed options structure, you can use this method from Jefferson https://forum.userstyles.org/discussion/55442/style-settings-page to install the styles.

    And style devs can also use this method to publish ad-hoc workarounds for their styles controlled by options as for example I did here https://userstyles.org/styles/86347/tab-bar-buttons-elements, or Jefferson did here https://forum.userstyles.org/discussion/55533/may-1-workaround-insert-missing-style-settings-controls (note Jeffeson did it on a comment because of the style description size limits, and note including the URL of that thread (maybe in tiny form) in its own title is useful because links for comments are not working).
    Even if there's no available cached version with options equivalent to current version, ad-hoc workaround can be manually edited:'url-decoding' any ad-hoc workaround as a template, editing it to style needs, and 'url-encoding' it again (with a tool like this https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/).

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    A few problems I've noticed:

    1. I'm still getting "no screenshot" badges on entries in the listing that gained their screenshots after the new site design went up.

    2. On a related note, I suspect styles added since the change may not be getting updates to their download statistics, since I've posted several styles which, historically, would have gotten at least one download by now but all of them are still at "0 0".

    3. Middle-clicking footer links somehow manages to overrule Firefox's "middle-click opens a new tab" behaviour. I'm very irritated that I have to right-click and choose "open link in new tab" to force my browser to obey me. (I may also be filing this as a Firefox bug, once I have time to poke through your JS to see how it's accomplished. Last I checked, JavaScript events could only override the browser's middle-click handler in Chrome.)

    4. A recommended screenshot size simply isn't good enough. I strongly suggest adding support for alternatively-shaped screenshots. I've posted 36 styles (plus the retired ones) and I put a lot of effort into cropping my screenshots to make it very clear what the effect of the style is.

      Out of those, only one isn't now either horrendously blurred (something I can't fix because you're upscaling it and I can't take a screenshot at a higher DPI) or has essential parts of the screenshot cropped away by the site.

      I really don't want to have to go back through all of my styles, letterboxing/pillarboxing or matting them to counteract a bad userstyles.org design, but I will eventually get around to that if I must.

  • Another thing... Now, that I know it's not just me, many people are NOT able to click on the "Install" button from the theme pages to install. I've tried other pages and different browsers (Vivaldi [Chromium])
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    twitter ruined itself with moronic updates nobody ever asked for, and now a site which helped me keep twitter just about functional did the same with this style over substance clusterfuck of an 'update' and search function down the drain. keep it up!

    *edit - so I had to google 'disable blue lines on Twitter userstyles.org' to get a link, because searching for 'disable blue lines on Twitter' on the actual userstyles.org gives you fuck all. what a joke. did they even test this nonsense before launching, or they did and thought 'yah, this is fantastic'.
  • The deadline they asked to bring back the advanced settings was one week. That ends today. My styles are broken, no one is installing them. Even screenshots have been lost.
    Is there still hope?
  • Waterfox
    If you'd noticed their posts, you would've known by now that their week is a few weeks and often months long. This whole thing is too fishy. I don't understand why people keep posting the same things over and over. Everybody is a writer now but a bit of reading won't hurt.
  • the good news is no news is good news,the bad news is good news 8-X
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    My opinion, FWIW, is that the owners want all these post. Shows activity/usage/popularity/volume etc... to prospective advertisers. Keeping the site broken generates posts. For this reason, no post or styles ever get permanently deleted, nor do you, the user, will ever have the ability to do so.
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    I can't install any Styles. When I click "Install Style" button I don't get anything and if I right click I get the option to open the image in a new tab

    Edit: If I try to copy the CSS code and copy in the Style Editor I get errors. And this hapens whit every Style I use.
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    There is no hope. We're all gonna die. Alone. Without settings.
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    makes sense to me. What a cloaca! image
  • What's going on with Stylish, why can't I install-reinstall my styles?
  • "anyway" should be "any way".

  • This site is a mess now, we need to fork or create an alternative instead of waiting for (developers?) to fix it.
    freestyler.ws is better, but not that good.

    Just like how Stylus did for Stylish.
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    Style settings and advance search for updated styles is still missing.

    Please, fix it.
  • When are you going to fix the problems of your new changes. You really need to fix the search results. You need to type in pacific key words or you get no results. Time to fix it.
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    To whom your design was need if you have ruined functionality?
    Return at least the old version
    It is already even not joke, it lasts more than a week
  • Middle click doesn't work. MIDDLE CLICK DOESN'T WORK. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT??? Not to mention WHY???????

    I'm guessing this is one of those stupid generate-HTML-with-JavaScript things that people are using for no reason nowadays.

    Can we please have the old site back???

  • Hellooo, somone there?
    You launched a site which is far from finished. It should have been a design update and ended in limited to no functionality. In what company is it possible to leave it like this for so long? Where are the backups?
    Sure, the old page did look very oldschool, but it worked and we have userstyles for changing the design.
    The biggest thing you designed so far is new problems. I don't understand why you are doing it like this. It's not good for us, it's not good for you.

    Another question is: What kind of "beta-group" was that, that didn't even notice missing style settings?
    It's not like these would be debatable problems. It's simply broken.

    Sorry for the rant, but it wouldn't make sense to adress even more bugs in this post. Please start fixing the big ones that already have been mentioned in a constructive way. I just feel that it is important to constantly remind you of how bad the situation is and what the reasons are for the dismantling of this community.
    Maybe it's just a research project to see where people will go, how valuable such investments can be, how forgiving or robust communities behave...
    I simply can't find a rational answer to what happens here.
  • Please, just give us the old site back and put the new site in a beta domain

    It's not that hard, and it seems like the best solution
  • “If silences could be pregnant, then this one went to full term.”
    ― Alison Weir
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    Another question is: What kind of "beta-group" was that, that didn't even notice missing style settings?
    It's not like these would be debatable problems. It's simply broken.

    The beta thing they did wasn't even really a beta of sorts, they had you look at a couple pages (none that you actually fully controlled) and answer a few questions and that was that. and ontop of it the style they put in for the beta page didn't even have style settings to begin with even in the old version of the site so...

    if you want to take a look at the whole beta thing they ran, you can take a look here https://invis.io/VUACFYSXZ to see what kinda "beta" test they did.
  • Yandex Browser
    back to the old site backup and test the new site until it stable
  • Yandex Browser
    It's May 8th now,the bug hasn't been fixed
  • There really is not excuse for this - you've taken a service built up by users and mangled it and now you are stalling on putting it right.

    Rather than go back to the original and work on a beta, as many many people have sensibly suggested, you're making us all suffer needlessly while you decide how you're going to undo this mess. The lack of communication only exacerbates the feeling that users are not a high priority for you peeps, but rather milking the whole project as a data mining goldmine.

    I'm really disappointed with the lack of professionalism shown by your development team. I'm seriously considering removing my styles to another host.
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