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Is there any way to change the tooltip colors in Chrome?

edited April 2017 in Style Requests Chrome
I want to change the grey on black tooltips that Chrome has created in Version 58.0.3029.81
(Previous versions of Chrome used my gtk theme as a guide, but that no longer is the case with Version 58.0.3029.81.)
However, when I check the tooltip possibilities here, I always see the note, "Not available on Chrome".
I will give 2 examples of css styles that I might use:
Both of those say "Not available on Chrome".
Is there any way to change the tooltip colors in Chrome?
Is there any way to change the grey on grey on grey popup menu in Chrome?


  • Nah, not with Stylish in Chrome. They can be affected with themes, which are basically their own specialized type of extension.

    If your theme used to affect them, there might be a simple solution. I've noticed in Chrome v58+, there's some type of bug with themes after updating. All my browser images (back/forward/reload) were way darker than they should be. Installing a different theme and then reinstalling the original theme fixed things. You might give that a try.
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