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Been finding the blogs sections to have the default inline dark text left over which then blends in obviously to the new dark background, making it pretty tough to read.

Only have a second but left this open and wanted to post quick before I forget.

Example URL:

Screenshot using latest version:

The elements inline CSS:

EDIT: Accidentally clicked without adding the fix which is (easiest way) add this line for a global inheritable fallback to protect better against any more future inline text color changes like they are doing:


Just before this line (line 71 of the converted userscript.js):

"#profile-body span,",


  • ZexZex
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    I knew about this long ago, but the biggest problem with "span" is that it overwrites link colors as well, which I prefered to stay default.
    Also I would be fixing a mistake made by the author of the blog post, who used custom colors for his post.

    I'm open for discussion.
  • Yea I agree it's kind of a mess what MS is allowing. Just ran into this again appears that all SPAN inline is now been black lattely making it unreadable.

    If you look at this one I tried to show in devtools too they directly are tacking it onto span inline:


    At this URL in above screenshot if you want to look for yourself:

    I'll think on it to. Not sure what the easiest fix would be but it might wind up having to be some mid neutral color then that can play nice on both sides - which still is really a sucky solution.
  • That's exactly it..., they are manually setting black color for parts of the text in the editor.

    I've made a workaround, try the new version and select "Force white text" option! :)
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