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How to install an Userstyles on Chrome whitout Stylish (as a script only) ?

edited April 2017 in Stylish Waterfox
By example , for this Userstyle (mine...):
Userstyles TableView+Enhancer - Dark-Grey

I test its installation on Chrome (without "Stylish" installed).
I have Tampermonkey installed.

1 - I click on the link:
"(Though installing Stylish is recommended, TamperMonkey users can also install this style as a user script.)"
2 - Tampermonkey open its window
3 - I install it...

And on the userstyles pages i see changes.

I know it's possible that i have some css which need chrome vendor prefix , but no change at all ????
I tested tested this same thing , a long time ago and at least i have some rules which worked.

What's wrong ?
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