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Need Help to Disable White Flash on Chrome

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Hi Everyone,

There is a white flash whenever I open the New Tab or switching to a different website on Chrome. This is annoying for people who likes to use dark theme for everything. This white flash causes headache. There is no known fix for Chrome that works to remove this white flash.

I use "Chrome Global Black" style and "Morpheon Dark" extension to get the best dark web browsing experience on Chrome. However, there is a white flash whenever I change websites or open a New Tab page. A fix is seriously needed.

Can you someone please make a fix for it?

Thank You


  • That's part of Chrome's chrome, which is off limits to user modifications. Good news is, after nearly a decade of bug reports about this issue, the Chromium devs have finally begun making real strides to fix this issue.

    A fix for normal tab loading even made it into a v56 stable, but regressed in v57. It has been patched and should make it back into stable soon. Should also be noted that they haven't completely fixed this for opening links in a new tab, but last I checked in Chromium dev, it was getting closer, and they are actively working on it now.

    Also, this isn't like the Firefox solution, which seemed bugged last time I used Firefox more than briefly anyway. In FF, the background color is always the same, and with Stylish, it can be defined by the user. The Chrome fix is an algorithm which applies the background color of the page you're leaving until the next page is painted. I'd always prefer more user control over details like this, but their solution is pretty good when it's implemented and working. When going from dark to dark, there's no white flash.

    To summarize, no it can't be fixed by the users, but it should be fixed pretty well by the Chromium team soon.
  • anagrammar,

    Sucks to hear that we have to wait further for a fix . They also need to fix the pinch to zoom and scrolling issue on all laptops with touchpad. Chrome sucks when using touchpad which is very slow and laggy when scrolling or zooming. Ms Edge and IE11 perfected their touchpad functionalities which make laptop zoom and scroll feels and looks like tablet or smartphone, fast and smooth.

    I had sent feedback to Google in this regards. Hope they fix it soon. They haven't fix this touchpad issue for years now...:(

    Thanks for the information.

  • For record, relevant Google Chrome issues are probably and .

    Firefox can show occasional flashes or stay stuck on default application background colour during new tab initialisation if it is interrupted by user (escape/stop) or network latency. (This became clear while investigating .)
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    It's the same problem that i have sometime, with Firefox, when i do a google search and modify it with its top search bar ?
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    I can provide a fix for the flash that occurs when first loading chrome,
    Use notepad to create a file called Homepage.html, paste the following code:

    <@body bgcolor="gray" />
    Note: Delete the above @ symbols (This site wouldnt let me paste pure html code)

    Save it, then double click the file (this will launch chrome with no white flash) and redirect to your favorite homepage.
    Use this method to load chrome (dont load chrome.exe directly)
  • The newest version of Chrome Dev(60/61) replaces the white flash with a dark flash. It's pretty good and should be available in mainstream Chrome soon. But you can go ahead and download Chrome dev if needed.
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    There is also a Google extension which stops new tabs getting autofocus, which can be used to stop flashes of new pages:
    Its nice to know chrome has a fix coming, but considering this issue has been around almost 10 years I wont hold my breathe
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