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Add or Remove Site from a 'Global' Stylesheet

edited March 2017 in Stylish Chrome
I am looking for a fast/easy way to add and/or remove sites from a stylesheet. Probably something like an added context menu option in the browser with a plugin. 'add site to ___ style' etc...

Example: I love dark themes. I have a global dark style but using it is a pain because some sites have their own dark themes, some have great custom stylesheets from and some sites just break when using some global stylesheets.

I say add or remove because this would enable multiple options like:
-leaving a global stylesheet enabled 24/7 and easily remove sites from it as needed
-converting a global style to only work on specified sites which can be quickly added with the click of a couple buttons.


  • I cannot find any remotely easy to achieve this in any form. The closest thing I can think of is keeping a dedicated tab open to a global styles sheet ready to be edited.. very annoying, cumbersome solution.
  • Mines prob the easiest solution but if it's easy enough prob not still beats manually editing the styles though
    see: "Custom Exclude"
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    I don't think that would really be any easier.
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    "Anyone" would only refer to the new owners/developers in terms of asking for a new feature. That type of "two click" functionality doesn't exist currently. It's been brought up quite a few times over the years when Jason was running the show, and he made it pretty clear he didn't like the idea because exclusions already exist using regex, and he didn't want the possible discrepancies in local styles and those same styles potentially being uploaded to us.o. Something along those lines anyway.

    I think there used to even be a pretty complete PR for this type of feature on Github, but I have no idea if it'd still be compatible, or even whether or not it's still there.

    I never really made up my mind whether I agreed with Jason's opinion or not. That type of feature would be convenient, but it would probably lead to confusion in published styles. I can also add/edit a regex rule fairly painlessly, so it doesn't bother me. Lucky for you, the only opinion that matters is the new dev. They'll probably tell you to post it to Trello, where it will sit forever, but you seem to really want the feature, so it couldn't hurt to ask.
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    Use "Chrome Global Black" style which is the only style that doesn't breaks any elements on all websites. This is the best one I found. Use it along with "Morpheon Dark" extension from Chrome Web Store and it will be the best dark web browsing experience. I lover this style so much that I made a $5 donation to the author. Try it.

    Link for the style:

    Happy dark web browsing!

  • Hey anagrammar, thanks for the thoughtful response. I referred to 'anyone' in case there was someone who makes scripts or if there was already something existing I just didn't know about.

    hitechlover, I will give both of those a try. Thanks for your help!
  • Holy shit, I was loving the chrome-global-black style until I went to YouTube. all my videos are color inverted!

    I have a plugin that manipulates the shit out of YouTube. I excluded from the style and that is what is causing the issue. My videos are not getting inverted if I allow the style to function on This makes no sense to me. The style is only hurting me when I tell it not to apply to the site! I will look into it further later, it's bed time.
  • Tim,

    Don't use any other styles with "Chrome Global Black" as they will screw things up. Just remove your other styles and make changes to your individual website to your preference under this style.

    All you need is Chrome Global Black style and nothing else. It will turn all white background on all websites dark, except certain websites that was already dark such as "". You can add an exclusion to the style in this case.
  • I think you misunderstood. I am not using several styles, I have YouTube+ installed which is not a style, it does a ton of things.
    I EXCLUDED from the global style and when excluding the site, the video player colors inverted.
  • The styles are for the web browser. I am not sure how it works on third party extension or YouTube+. Just use Chrome browser only and nothing else running with it. You can send the author a message and he will find a fix for your case. Overall, it works perfectly in Chrome or Firefox without other styles or extension that does similar things.
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    Easily fixed, go into the manage/edit section for the style and scroll down till you hit code block 4.

    now there are two things you can do, either you can delete that code block entirely or you can just change the URL it applies to to or something.

    upon doing either of those you'll still have youtube excluded from the style and you won't have inverted colors for the player (and it won't mess the style up for any other site since the code block only applied to youtube). You'll have to do this every single time there is an update to the style.
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