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[Solved] Stylish doesn't apply style on website

edited March 2017 in Stylish Firefox

I Just installed Stylish 3 days ago but I can't make it work on my computer.
I mean ... I have the icon in the tool bar i can get the menu with the list of downloaded style
But it has no effect.
Also I can't modify a style

So i tried this at the office, and it worked perfectly (same style)

I use Firefox on both computer, same version (52.0 64 bits)
I have the same add-on on both (uBlock Origin / Ghostery / Stylish)

If anyone have an idea ... is there any other dependency out of the browser ?


  • Don't know what's the problem but probably it's in the FF profile you're using. Create a bare new one and try, if it works you can discard the browser.
  • Indeed it solve the pb. In fact it also solve a pb with uBlockOrigin which was active even on white list site. (and yes a had 0 motivation to get ride of the 2nd pb ;)

    Well it doesn't tell me what i did to broke my profile (avoiding doing it again ...) but it's fine

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