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Need Help Theming Library Window in Firefox

Hi guys. I got a css for the Library window in Firefox. I themed it by inverting the colors to black. But I want to change a few elements. I attached an image of the Library window and my css is listed below. I'd appreciate some help greatly.

Here are my questions:
1) How do I change the color of the bar headers, 'Name' and 'Most Recent Visit' (circled in red in top of the image)?
2) How do I change the background color of the right click menu (in the middle of the screen shot)?
3) How do I change the border color of the 'Name' and 'Location' fields (circled in red below)?
4) How do I increase font size for all fonts?

Heres my css......

* {filter:invert(1)hue-rotate(180deg) !important;
font-size: 18px !important;}

.editBMPanel_rowLabel {
color: white !important;}

.textbox-input-box, #placesContentDate, #placesContentTitle {
background: #222 !important;
color: white !important;}

#viewMenu, #maintenanceButton, #forward-button, #organizeButton {
color: white !important;}

#placesToolbox {
border: black !important;}
1920 x 1080 - 379K
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