Multiple stylus with local override?

Does anyone know if it is possible to specify one stylus for a specific site when I also have installed a global stylus for all sites?
The problem I see is that both stylus would show up which is not what I wanted but if I disable the global stylus it is disabled for ALL.

So can I just specify an override for a specifc stylus for certain site? Because by default global matches on http & https, perhaps override option through regrex (e.g. !

Not sure if this is currently availbe but would be a much needed feature (if not already available).


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    Have you tried this regexp: https?://(?!url\.com).*
    Can exclude other sites, as well, in same expression using the pipe symbol: https?://(?!(www\.)?(facebook\.com|google\.com|forum\.userstyles\.org)).*
    The above expression applies to all http and https sites but excludes, and
    https? means the s is optional
    ?! means to exclude
    (www\.)? means the www. is optional
    \. means a literal dot (without the backslash, the dot will be read as a special character)
    | means or
    .* means eveything that follows
  • Tried it but didn't seem to work. Oddly enough the stylus I am looking at ( actually has an exclude website section but didn't seem to work either.
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