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2 Problems with Customizing Firefox - Help!

I got 2 problems with customizing FF:

1) I use the code below to darken the background of the drop down of the address bar. It works well but it also darkens the background color of the drop down of fields in webpages. How do I prevent the code from affecting the background color of the drop down fields in webpages?
.autocomplete-richlistbox {
color: white !important;
background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #222 0%,#444 100%) !important;
2) Look at the attached screen shot circled in red. Whats the code to darken the background color of the top part of the right-click menu?

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  • Hi makondo,

    I got the menu working and added made it look better as you can see from the attachment.

    But when I hover over, lets say, the forward button when I never went to the next page, it isnt get greyed out. Same thing happens when I open a new page. When I hover over the back button, its not greyed out when I never went back to a previous page since its a new page. What do you suggest to fix that?
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    { background: #777 !important; }

    #context-navigation >.menuitem-iconic:hover
    { background: #888 !important;
    -moz-appearance: none !important; }

  • Hi Makondo.. I appreciate the code.

    I want to ask you how to darken the Library pop up? Its the window that pops up in Firefox when you click on 'Show All history'. Heres a screenshot to show you what I mean

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    Not easy if you're going to ask about very detail. You can start here:
    @-moz-document url(chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul) {

    { background: #777 !important; } }

    but there's much more to it than that. I gave you a link to the thread with all sorts of links to useful tools. Learn how to use DOMi and go from there.
  • edited March 2017 Chrome
    Hi Makondo. So far your code works in userChrome.css. But I want to know if I can use your code as a css in Stylish. If so, what address do I use?

    I ask because I used the following 2 addresses (separately, of course) in css but they dont work:

    @namespace url("");
    @-moz-document url(chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul) {

    ----- EDIT ----
    Also, when I use DOMi and target the elements I want to customize, they dont change. So far I used this code below on my own using DOMi. But it doesnt change the elements. What am I doing wrong?

    placesContentTitle, placeContentColumns {
    background: blue !important;
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    Those are tree/treecol, they're special, you often (if not always) have to use -moz-appearance:none:

    @namespace url("");
    @-moz-document url(chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul) {

    #placeContent treecol,
    .plain.placesTree {
    background: blue !important;
    -moz-appearance: none !important; } }
  • Thanks makondo. That works! Now I need your help for a bit on my other issue which is no bog deal. Heres the URL:
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