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I don't understand this

edited March 2017 in Style Requests Chrome
Hi there. I want to change the blue arrow that's to the left of the icons like "my drive" in Google Drive to red.

I copy the element that adds the arrow and change the RGB value to 250,0,0
Why isn't this working? It's giving me 42 issues. XD


  • I have no idea on how to add the code so it's visible. Even tried the <!-- tag
    If you hit the quote button, it will show up.

  • edited March 2017 Chrome
    .a-U-J.a-U-J-Wc-uh polygon{fill:red!important}
  • Awesome, Thanks.
    Can you explain to me were you found that code, so i can do it myself next time?
    When i click on the arrow in Chromes HTML editor, i get the code i wrote originally.
  • try Ctrl + Shift + C :)
  • edited March 2017 Chrome
    Still can't find your code anywhere. :/
    I know it's properly me that's stupid. I almost failed my HTML exam :P
    luckily i don't work with HTML as a profession. I am an IT supporter.'

    Check out the following image.
    This is what i do. I open up the editor, press the "select an element" (ctrl + shift + c).
    Then click on the folder to the left. I see the code that makes it blue in the editor to the right, i change it to red by clicking on the blue box and chose red in the color wheel and then i copy paste the code i have boxed in, i add it to the style and save it. The folder turns blue again after i refresh the site.
  • .a-U-ye-ha>.a-U-J .a-U-Ze svg polygon{fill:red!important} try this code instead.

    the element is basically appointed as blue color, but it's turned as gray only when it's not seleted.
    I found the above code from the middle from the right side of dev tool after remove two of default value color by unchecking those.
    1920 x 1080 - 206K
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