Make Changes to White Background and Black Text Only!



  • Impressive, after testing your new update again, you managed to fixed the input search box issue and the brightness issue. You have outstanding css coding skills. I enjoy your Chrome Global Black style more and more...:)

  • I understand you have other things to focus on in your life. I appreciate for making such an impressive style in a week. You really take the time and effort to make it the best. I hope many people use your style and make donations to support your work.

    Good luck with everything you do,

  • Found this thread very helpful, am looking for the same experience as HiTech. I am visually impaired and require imverted background in order to read, but have much trouble with images. I had edited some styles to try and make the best fit for me when Chrome web store pulled stylish off and lost ability to use as an extension. Since it has been available again, I am back to trying to tweak to make the best fit. Any suggestions for the latest bright white text on dark background which keeps images from inverting and breaking other elements. Any information would be appreciated. Currently using regular Black Web, Font Fix for Chrome.
  • Dark Reader is pretty decent.
  • anagrammar, thank you for responding - i used dark reader but the problem i had with it is that it's option menu is too dark for me - it presents in a dark blue text, so when i need to change it to static/dynamic/filter plus - i have difficulty finding the More button to click on and I have to switch those options quite frequently - so I finally just quit as it was too cumbersome to manipulate for me,
  • Well, if you plan to use a global userstyle, Stylus will have user friendly exclusions in the next release, which'll hopefully be sometime within the next month. I also filed an issue for you in the Dark Reader repo. That seems like a no-brainer type of simple fix.
  • thank you anagrammar - i previously used stylus and loved it, had trouble with my kindle for pc reader which i only use for positioning in a book in order to allow books to be read to me via echo, so even disabling would not allow kindle books to load and i ultimately had to remove - i will be trying it again and watching for that next release and a possible fix from dark reader - again, appreciate all your help.
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