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Stilish not working on Android?

I have just installed the mobile extension for Firefox on Android.

My FF Android browser is 51.0.3 and Stylish extension is 2.0.7. However I cannot see how I can create any script or anything because I have not icons, options or anything that suggests that the extension is there. I have restarted the browser many times (and the phone) and I can see that the extension is installed but I have no clue about how to use it. Any help?

According to the Add-Ons site, this extension should work with Firefox for Android 19.0 - 51.0.


  • I will answer to myself, just in case somebody was interested. There´s a bug. It seems that the extension hasn´t been updated for FF 50*.

    A workaround would be typing: chrome://stylish/content/manage.html

    Now I can access the Stylish Tab. Let´s see how it works now.
  • edited March 2017
    In my phone samsung galaxy tab 2 working great .
  • varo123 said:

    In my phone samsung galaxy tab 2 working great

    It is not about your device, it is about the software you have got. It seems that this will be fixed in the next update of the extension. It jsut can´t be seen on Frefox 51+. I had to install FF 50.0 to find out, so it means that the extension needs an update.
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