New site request - not sure best place to post it

About: GitHub Dark
First of all have to say your collection of "dark" site themes is by far the best out there. With that said, I am not enough (yet) of a JS guru to try to replicate the Github dark theme look to a whole new site.

I see there are general "request" forms here for themes but I'd really like to ask if you ever take requests for new sites and if so, the one I think would not be nearly as tough since it is much more static, yet is popular enough to really serve a lot of potential users is the site including the "Packages" section that IMO would look awesome (and 1000% better) in this dark theme and since it's one of those sites that can be visited daily, and then spend hours paging through new or updated get the idea.

Anyway, if you have a request list and could add this one for me I would greatly appreciate it.




  • Hi @CollinChaffin!

    We don't really take new site requests. The main issue is we could create a style, but it won't be maintained because we tend to maintain styles on sites that we use regularly. If you would like to create and help maintain a theme, we could help set up a repo in our organization and include you.

  • Thanks so much! I actually found another dev who whipped this one up super fast for me but as I am learning now working on my own (and helping others troubleshoot theirs), I may very well take you up on that offer soon!
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