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Do a confirm message for deleting a style!

edited February 2017 in Stylish Chrome
When I tried to deactivate my style (in a popup window), I accidentally clicked on delete style. There is no confirmation for deleting! So I deleted my style which I was working on for a long time, and I have no backup! :(
Please, do confirmation for deleting, or move delete button somewhere else (why no to make a little cross in corner), so you can't click on it unintentionally.
I know it's my fault, and from now I definitely won't forget to do a backup, but please do some indulgence for inattentive people like me:).
(sorry if my english isn't perfect.)


  • q1kq1k
    Opera Mini
    i thought you can undelete a style?
  • There are certain instances where an undo button is present, but other instances where it just isn't, for no apparent reason. I agree that either this, or some form of confirmation (or both!) should be available throughout the extension. I once deleted a fairly large style by accident, and due to the absence of an undo option, I had to start over completely from scratch.

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    q1k said:

    i thought you can undelete a style?

    Think they are talking about in the extension itself not on
  • edited February 2017 Chrome

    You can modify the css to hide the delete-button (for future ref.).
    I've uploaded a mod here:

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