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You've ruined Stylish. 100% CPU hangs makes browser unusable. If this isn't fixed, Stylish is dead.

edited February 2017 in Stylish Chrome
You've ruined stylish. I think you know that by now.

I can no longer use Google because it ALWAYS hangs the browser with 100% CPU utilization. ALWAYS.

And now it's happening on Bing.

And now, on dozens of other sites.

You've ruined Stylish.

I reported this bug ages ago, but may have put you off the scent by discovering that Stylish doesn't handle URL regular expressions safely.

That said, even with this new report, I don't expect it to get fixed because I'm not asking for you to add new advertising features or to go behind users' backs and report on the pages they visit.

You've ruined Stylish.

And it's no small thing to me because I have >200 styles that I use for my job, previewing features as I design my company's enterprise web app.

So now I'm forced to switch to FreeStyler, which will be a giant pain in the ass.

You've ruined Stylish.

I'd be happy to work with you to characterize the failure, but it happens randomly, and I have WORK to do, but if you contact me, I'll try to help find why it hangs my browser 10 times a day.


  • Thankfully, good people have created Stylus, which I'm testing now. It's based on 1.5.2, which was ROCK solid.

    It's good to know that there is an alternative that imports from Stylish, but I will help you characterize the bug if desired: there are a lot of Stylish users that deserve better, and if I can help them, I will.
  • Sadly, I agree with you that we may be seeing the beginning of the end for this extension. It's probably caused by the new UI, which is really bad.

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