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World Cancer Day - New Theme

Hi everyone,

Starting today, we’re going to promote several international days/events throughout the year by creating themes to raise awareness, or, to have the opportunity to show your support for this specific cause or day. It can be anything from ‘HIV/AIDS Awareness Day’ to ‘Umbrella Day’ or even ‘Super Mario Day’.

First in line is ‘World Cancer Day’ which takes place today. We already have one theme available for Google ( and we’d like to encourage our community to create more themes, install them and apply them to show your support.

In addition, we’re inviting each and every one of you to suggest your own ideas for a day or event you’d like us to promote as a community. It can be anything from a personal perspective, a meaningful day, or something light and fun such as May the 4th (Star Wars Day) or Saint Patrick’s Day.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas and to see some new great themes coming!

Best regards,
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  • Nimi L said:

    ... apply them to show your support...

    image ... support what? Advertisers that generate more money for you out of our free contributions/work/time? What is it that you did for us to deserve that?
    Jason was the original developer of a fine ext. and just for that reason i personally didn't mind him making money out of my 500 styles for years. It was my kind of 'donation' to him for the time and work he put into it (... until he simply quit doing anything we asked him about).
    What did you do other than destroy a great ext. and the forum? By 'you' i mean all you newcomers who keep promising things you don't deliver and managed to destroy a fine ext.. Have you noticed that the 'oldies' of the forum don't even post any more? We've been hanging out with Stylish forums/threads for a decade and suddenly we're all gone ... ever thought why?
    Prove you mean what you promise and you might get some support.

  • 'Stylish Community' TM.
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