Make table(or table cell) scrollable

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I'm trying to make a style for the forum that will make wide messages scrollable. This is the test-case: really wide forum post (sry, not English, but I think it doesn't really matter).

What I've tried already (td[height="28"] selects messages):
td[height="28"]>table>tbody>tr:last-child { min-width: 100%; overflow-x: auto; display: block; }
Well, this adds the scrollbar, but width is not maximum available. Additionaly, quote tables become narrow.
td[height="28"]>table>tbody { min-width: 100%; overflow-x: auto; display: block; }
This works a little better, but moves message headers, which is definitely unwanted.

Almost done it myself: message is contained within span.postbody, so:
span.postbody { min-width: 100%; overflow-x: auto; display: block; }
The only issue is increased space between message and signature (if any) or message edit counter (if present). Can't do anything with it...

Please help, I'm totally newb in CSS :)


  • @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain(""){ .row1:last-child .postbody{display:block!important;overflow-x:auto!important} .gensmall>br{display:none!important} }
  • Thx ChoGGi, but there's no visible effect. Although, your code gave me an idea:
    span.postbody~span>br:first-child { display: none; }
    That's all I needed :) Thx again.
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