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image under Chemistry head on is not visible with this theme


  • Hi @johndoe1!

    It is nearly impossible to determine which images can be inverted - especially with css - so the best method we could think of was to allow you to click and hold the mouse on the image (making it active) which then inverts the image using css. Inverting an image by making it active will work on just about every image that is a png, or svg. Jpg images will not invert.
  • Hi @johndoe1 and @StylishThemes,

    I have just looked the issue, and I just realized something. The background-color of wikipedia is always blank. So, when an image is a little transparent, we can assume that the image should be visible in white.
    I think it's more important, in some cases, to just display the information and fall back to a default solution.

    Here is my solution (and it doesn't break the css style for the math images):

    img {
        background-color: white;

    As simple,

  • Thanks @nasmak! The main issue with adding a solid background is that it covers up the background image. Maybe that would be better in some cases. I'll investigate.
  • Hi @nasmak!

    Sorry for taking so long... I was on vacation! I've added a background color of #ddd so that it isn't so bright. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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