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White flash Chrome

When switching tabs or loading new ones i get a white flash and its so annoying I am starting to want to move over to firefox does anyone know if theres a fix for chrome to make it stop ?


  • This issue has been virtually eliminated from Chrome. Chrome auto-updates extensions so it's highly unlikely you're using an old version but I suppose it's worth double-checking. The major update that fixed this issue was like 9 or 10 months ago. The only thing I can tell you from personal experience is to try creating a new Chrome profile, install Stylish and test it in the new profile. This happened to me once when I was testing one of the betas. I was quickly copying/pasting a bunch of styles from another extension to Stylish and suddenly the white flashes started happening again. I can only guess that I somehow managed to corrupt the database since uninstalling/reinstalling and starting over resolved it. When I reinserted the old database it would start happening again. After that I started periodically saving back up copies just in case so I wouldn't have to start from scratch if it happens again.
  • While browsing around it occurred to me that I might be misunderstanding your issue. You might be referring to the fact that Chrome attempts to be faster than it actually is. In a lot of circumstances when links are clicked Chrome immediately either launches a new tab or removes the content from the current tab before any new content even begins loading, flashing you a peak at its bright white naked chrome. It has been like this as long as I can remember so I hardly notice, but it is pretty awful. If that's what's bothering you, it has nothing to do with Stylish. It doesn't cause it and it can't fix it. I've seen the issue open in Chromium but most issues that aren't critical die a slow death there.
  • I know its not an issue with stylish its just something with chrome just wondering if anyone knows of anyway to fix it at all with java script or something I will stop using chrome if I can't find a way to fix it and i don't want to do that :(
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    There's no way to fix it. Except, probably, for hacking the chromium source code and/or patching the binary.

    It was fixed around Chrome 60. It doesn't paint the white background.
  • Well, you could create a global style and use css that changes the background to black. Unfortunately, this would change some intended looks for websites as well. I'm searching hard to find a way to fix this, myself.
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