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I've got an absolutely positioned div that the original css places according to a "left: 0pt". I want to place it according to a "right: 0pt". However my right-position is loosing the fight: right: 0pt simply puts the element at the far left side (i.e. left: 0pt) whereas I can easily overrule the left-position by simply stating another, e.g. "left: 50px !important;"

Is there a way to do accomplish this? Or is it beyond Stylish?


  • left:auto!important;right:0!important
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    Posted By: ChoGGileft:auto!important;right:0!important
    Excellent! Thanks ChoGGi.

    EDIT: Actually "left:0 !important; right:0 !important" worked better as "left: auto !important; right:0 !important" for some reason ate the last character...?
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