Bug: Manage Styles window can't be closed

edited February 2007 in Stylish
With Firefox and Stylish 0.4 under Mac OS X, the Manage Styles window can't be closed. The close icon is not clickable and there are no other ways to close the window (the Escape key often works with extension option windows, but not here).


  • This should be renamed "Manage Styles window can't be closed in Mac OS X".
  • Is the close icon disabled, or does the close icon simply not do anything?
  • It is disabled, i.e. it doesn't appear in red. But this is not specific to the Stylish preferences. However, with other preferences windows, there is always a way to close them (e.g. a button or the Escape key).
  • In the next version, I'm switching from a back to a , which should give you the behaviour you're expecting.
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