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Speed-Dial Addon Style

edited September 2015 in Style Requests Firefox

I'm looking for a style to my music bookmarks from different countries in Speed-Dial addon for Firefox and I think it could be usefull to many peoples. I sketched a picture of what could be, but do not know if it is possible to Speed-Dial. If anyone can, please let me know!...

Speed-Dial -

Style -

Many thanks!


  • Anything about this? :smile:
  • Unless the URLs you're using contains indications about country of origin, then it is certainly not going to be possible with CSS.
  • edited January 2016 Firefox
    It is totally possible as long as there is some abbreviations in the links like FR, RU, US, EU, etc... Unless of course, we take advantage of the child-elements, 1st square, 2nd square, 3rd square and so on.

    But I think I know what you are looking for. I did something similar for specific websites on the About:NewTab domain of Firefox, I never released it however since I am pretty sure there is already one somewhere.

    .newtab-cell a[href*="google"] span { background: url("your_link_to_your_image") no-repeat 50% 50%; background-size: cover; }

    I did not installed this add-on, but if you need help with it even after telling you a bit how to do it, I will try to do it for you. But you need to tell me exactly what you are looking for.
  • Thank you, Hyokkuda Ryosan, and sorry for the delay. I lost my computer with my contacts, until I forgot this post. If I find some addon or style, I'll post it here. But I believe that for now I'm looking for something a little beyond what is available in these ways.
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