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Hi guys, Today I was looking at the digg blog and thought it looked rather good. I then decided that I was going try and make the blog theme work on After a bit I came up with this. (sorry for the bad compression of the png)
EDIT(digg update)
The style uses some light opacity on story's so that they are readable but uses can see easier on hover. As you can see there are a few bugs that I am working on and I could prob have a good version for the good old public tomorrow. I would like to take any suggestions you guys might have on this style as I know many of you probably use digg yourself. I am not sure if others like the story hovering.

style for :
themed as

Feel free to add me on digg


  • i like what i see so far.....

    could you make the "Popular stories" and "upcoming" dark

    and can you provide a screenshot of the comments
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    I haven't started on the comments yet...and stupid me forgot that Kevin said the digg update was today...So I have to work through a few stuff...But the new digg looks easier to style :)

    EDIT: updated for new digg redesign
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    For comments i just put a few old images I had onto the bars. And added a few tweaks...looks like this now (sorry for the slow host)
  • great style on the comments
    i like the "gray" looking color on the "reply"
    would it be possible to make all the "reply to:" the same " grayish" color?

    i just think the non blue or non grayish, non dark colors stand out quite a bit...

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    Dreg, several months ago, there was a good story on the front page about how unnaturally calibrated bright monitors can strain your eyes. Even as just a reminder, it really helps with decrease eye strain while digging. Ever since that story, I always thought in back of my mind, why doesn't Digg have a dark theme option?, a dark version of Digg will look pretty cool too. So, basically there's a solution, as you suggested a dark blue-grey background practically almost everything inverted, it'll make the site a lot more usable, won't blot out your eyes and no more headaches either.

    Agreeably, the Digg, Inc. staff have already experimented with this, as you can see in Revision3, Digg labs and as you also mention Digg the blog site. Why not, I humbly ask? But well, why bend the spoon when you can bend yourself, by personalizing your own Digg page, dumping the default light color design scheme, to reduce the ruining of your vision.

    The hovering redesign idea is awesome. Especially, with all the current sensationalism going on digg. Just please, not too dark on the story headlines. Will it have future compatibilities with digg images?

    Also, I appreciate your efforts, cause prescribed eyeglasses are expensive! Seem much more improved, can't wait to install.

    Thank you, geek on.

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    I have uploaded the style here. The code is a bit messy because I have not had the time to go through it yet.

    I am not sure what you mean by the "gray" part so if you could post edits to the code and I will update it for you.

    And from what I can see digg images will be done in the same way as digg video thumbnails hence it's selector ".news-img" on the thumbnail so it all should work fine. I have also made the titles brighter so they are easier read when not at full opacity.
  • once again great style

    could change the color of the visited links? or show me how?
  • Thanks, visited links are
    a:visited {sdfsdfsdfsddf}
    i will stick it in the next update.

    The style was built to a 1280x800 resolution so allof of bugs are due to that but they will be fixed
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    I have made a few updates offline and this screenshot shows some of them.
    1) I added visited links as light green - it stands out enough but not to much
    2) I made a:hover on story title and details white
    3) I also added a black bar for the category sub-header - I am not sure how good it is to others but I personally like it
    4) I Will also change the digg button selectors so that it does not mess with off-site iframe digg buttons such as the ones found on
    5) Also I am adding a background to the amount dugg bit so that the friends banner does not look odd and so it looks nice.
    and lots more little tweaks

  • waiting for update :)
  • Update done :)
    Another update will come in a few days...I am busy seeing friends before they go off to uni.
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