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    And yes, it has the Clear button.

    "when sorting styles by tag, tagless styles don't show at all", not possible.
  • Can we have a Clear button for the findbar, please? In the Positioning menu?
  • Checking.
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    Added Findbar Clear button in Position menu:
  • Thanks!
    Any thoughts about the stuff i posted above on this page?
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    Here is how it's coded, if a tag has more than one style, it will show the arrow on the left of the tag and if a single tag, no arrow to the left.
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  • Yeah ... the problem is i hide those arrows and use images for selected stuff. It will take some thinking what to do there now. At this point i see nothing.
  • Thanks!
    How about the styles w/out tags? Is it possible to show them at the bottom of the tags list?
  • I don't know. In one profile i see it working but in another profile i see those arrows on all tags regardless. Doesn't make any sense to me:
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  • Thank you Sonny for the Findbar Fix add-on! Also for the SEM font-size option, that extra px or 2 really helps with squinting.
    Also like the bullet point symbol on amf for single style tags. Just keeps getting better and better!
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    i had this at some point but somehow can't remember what code it was ... when a tag is open, i had all styles in that tag moved right a bit. Now, i'm using this:

    * [tag-selected] .tag
    { margin-left: 12px !important; }

    ... but for some odd reason the last style in every tag doesn't move right 122px but stays in its position. Odd?
    Here's what i mean, notice the highlighted style:

    The style is here. Any ideas what's going on? TIA!
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    Try adding this to your css:
    [dupe][nodupe] .tag

    * [tag-selected] .tag

    Like so:
    * [tag-selected] .tag, [dupe][nodupe] .tag
    { margin-left: 12px !important; }

    In your Addons Manager for Addons Manager Fix ext.

    Plus, you can delete this:
    richlistitem[dupe] .tag-spacer
    { width: 26px !important; }

    There is no more .tag-spacer selector.
  • Thanks, i was wondering about that spacer.
    The code above doesn't work, the last style in a tag is still off. This is very odd, don't you think?

    But i'm having a bigger issue: no category shows other than styles! None, no exts. no plugins, etc. When i disable AMF (from Exts.Options menu) and restart, they show. When i enable AMF, they still show but display is messy. I have to restart ... and when i do, the same thing - only styles show. This is happening with or w/out my style or with all styles off. What a bummer! I can't figure this one out....
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    Download latest:
    I fixed that last night.
  • Got it! Phew!
    Now, the code above also works. Thanks you!!

    So, how about the tagless styles to show under all tags?
  • Oh, and another thing, the scratchpad2 - suppose to clear on close, does not. When i reopen the editor, it's still populated.
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    Will check into it, but maybe not possible.
    FWIW,your "filter" css in your styles will not work on Fx 34, only Fx 35 and up, in case someone should happen to mention it.
  • Thanks! 35 is just about to be released.
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    Try this for listing un-tagged styles, while in the tag sort view:
    But keep in mind that the un-tagged styles remain in alphabetical order, no matter if the tag button is ascending or descending, only the tags get reversed order.
  • AWESOME!!!That's exactly how i want it to work. Thank you very much!
    One thing i do miss the most though - export styles. Not one from the editor but as SC used to, all selected as css files. I often edit a few styles at the same time and then forget to save them and ... even forget what the styles were! With SC Export, i would just go and export them all. But now i'm not even sure what styles i have/don't have saved. If you'll ever get interest in trying this one, it'd be totally awesome.
    Other than that, i'm done, it's all good here and i can't think of anything else i need for easy styling. Thank you, great stuff!
  • Why in hell did Jason take away the ability when you install a style you go into edit mode? Now you have to install the style to just preview it.
  • That would be a good question over here.
  • You can preview a style in Firefox without installing it, just the ability to edit changed.

    As to why that changed, IDK, but Jason did mention that other changes had broken it and he didn't choose to fix it. I believe Stylish first came out over 8 years ago and Jason has been consistently maintaining it since then. I also haven't noticed anyone stepping up and helping out with much on Github, even though he has mentioned help would be welcomed. With the changes occurring with Firefox, in addition to other projects Jason has taken on, simplifying things a bit may mean more time for other things that happen in the journey we call life.

    Both of the extensions this thread covers add much functionalilty to Stylish as well.

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    Actually, it's been 9+ years and we do appreciate the support. I see 'thankyous' all over. That doesn't mean we can't complain about (often not trivial) stuff and ask for improvements. Session Manager and TMP have been around longer and maintained very well by single developers, including implementing (many) requests.
  • Never said you can't complain, I do at times for sure. And a big Kudos to all the extension/add-ons developers out there. They do make my internet addiction more enjoyable.

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    See if this helps for previewing/editing styles before install, as I am not sure how the original Stylish function worked:
    When on us.o styles site and clicking on "Install with Stylish" > "Preview" button: Style name, code and tag auto-loads into windowed (stand-alone) Stylish Editor. Each click of the Restore Down button, in the Editor tools, resizes the Editor to expose browser window for previewing. Preview/Un-Preview/Edit style from Editor and Save Enabled/Disabled or Close Editor to disregard/cancel.
    Note: Tags only apply in Addon Manager if using Addon Manager Fix addon:
    To view tags in Addon Manager after style installs, initiate an F5 or Ctrl + R or click reload icon in urlbar for page refresh.
    Also, the tag label in the Editor tools, is a clear field button for the tag name input box.
  • Many Kudos to you Sonny for bringing back the preview before install feature. Seems to be working fine.
  • Any new about the export? Possible?
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    Exporting multiple styles is a different ballgame. Requires more files/functions than what is supported in Stylish. So at this point, not possible. My objective is to work within the confines of Stylish.
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    Sux! I now have to constantly save styles to my USB. I used to just edit styles and if i know i made significant changes and/or a lots of styles, i'd just export 'em all. Never had to remember what i edited or save every style, etc. I really, really miss this.

    Sonny, what's up with the Redo All button? I remember there's some condition why it doesn't work but can't recall what it was. Can there be a button to redo all changes and get the original code back (the code before any changes made on the editor opening)?
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