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  • I'm running Fx37 and SEM changes the appearance of the Fx findbar. If you are aren't aware, the highlight color for the buttons on the findbar are now gray, not blue.

    Is it possible for SEM not to change Fx's findbar?
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    Fx findbar with SEM. The rectangle on the left side is the clear button.

    *** Seems the findbar in SEM isn't working under Fx37.
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    Made separate addon for Findbar fix and removed from SEM.
  • Thanks much Sonny.

    As mentioned, the Findbar in SEM doesn't find anything. Also, in order for it to appear I have to tick the findbar option off then on in the Position Buttons menu. The option is greyed out too as is External Editor and Font Size.
  • Cheching.
  • Hope I'm not being a PITA but the width of the findbar in SEM is now smaller. The clear button is gone too.
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  • Just a reminder, the findbar option only works with the standard editor.

  • calico said:

    Just a reminder, the findbar option only works with the standard editor.

    Right you are, didn't know that. It also shows up without having to toggle the Positions entry.

    One more request, need some css code to make the font bigger using the standard editor in SEM.

  • Font has a box 'Font Size', right under the Findbar (in Positioning). But i used to use this code, if you need it:

    #stylish-edit #internal-code
    { font-size: 13px !important; }
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    what's the last link about? I don't want another ext. just for the findbar (i already have Findbar Tweak). Do i need to update? Will i loose the findbar if i do? I'd rather have things the way they were yesterday, everything working that is.
  • I'm using the add-on Theme Font Size Changer and have the default font size set to 14. This has an affect on the SEM editor making it small. If I take the default in TFSC the fontsize in SEM becomes normal except this makes the text in my Fx content smaller.
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    The link above, I removed the Findbar tweaks from SEM (clear button, next/previous buttons) only (request by streetwolf) and made a small separate Findbar Fix addon.
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    The font Size box doesn't do anything for me neither does #stylish-edit #internal-code{ font-size: 13px !important; }. Again, I am running Nightly so maybe that's the cause behind my problems.
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    what about the rest of us? Do we now have to install some other ext. just to have the Clear and Next/Previous buttons to show? Obviously streetwolf is experiencing some problems most of us do not.
    Please, put the buttons back.
  • streetwolf,
    obviously my code won't work if you're using some ext. to set font! Should've said it in the first place.
  • I don't understand why the findbar in SEM affects the Fx findbar. Isn't there a way to have the SEM findbar separated from the Fx findbar?
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  • What's in this one?
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    Everything except no Findbar tweaks. Made a separate addon for myself to tweak and theme the Findbar. So what you will see is the default Findbar.
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    As i said, streetwolf seem to be the only one with some problem(-s) with the findbar. Do you see the same issues in 37? Does this mean we all now have to install yet another ext. to have a decent findbar in the SEM editor? This just doesn't seem right. It's all working fine for me personally with 35b and the previous SEM version. I also don't see anybody else complaining about findbar. So, why the change?
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    Have you tried the above link?

    There is an Custom Buttons option instead of an addon. Or if you are using a findbar tweaker of some sort, post the link to it and I will modify it for you.
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    I have it in one profile and see no difference from the previous link - nothing has changed for the findbar, no Clear and default next/previous arrows.
    As for the rest, i have no idea what it's about, sorry.
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    I don't need Findbar Tweak modified. I just want the SEM findbar to look and work as it used to. I'd guess i'm not alone.
    Is something about findbar changed in Fx37?
  • Nope, copied/pasted my entire profile from Fx 34 into Fx 37 and all works the same.
  • Then i don't know what he's talking about. Can we have the buttons back, please?
  • Let makondo have what he wants, I'll use the Stylish editor.

  • Sonny said:

    ... made a small separate Findbar Fix addon.

    Are you sharing? And perchance does it have a clear button?
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    I think to make everybody happy, all we need is the Clear button (cause highlight/delete every time is a pain). The next/previous buttons can be styled. Change their stupid default order with this:

    #stylish-edit .findbar-find-previous.tabbable
    { -moz-appearance: none !important;
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important; }

    and images can be changed as well, the usual way (#stylish-edit .findbar-find-previous.tabbable .toolbarbutton-icon and #stylish-edit .findbar-find-next.tabbable .toolbarbutton-icon).

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    We got a bit off but i'm still waiting for an answer, possible?
    makondo said:

    i ran into this a few times: when sorting styles by tag, tagless styles don't show at all. They should show in alphabetical order at the bottom, after all tags. Possible? TIA!

    i wonder if it might be possible to have an image (like a bullet) to the left of a tag that contains more than one style. Possible?

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