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  • Hmm. Here it always opens on exts.,, i then have to click Styles and click Tags sorter. Every single time.
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    Let me try Beta, I'm on Release.

    Beta works the same as Release for me, as does Nightly. Retains last category and sort.
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    image Never does for me. I open AM from a CB about: menu button or Rclick in the toolbar button from Exts. Option menu ext. or Tools/Addons. It's all the same, tab or sidebar.
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    See if you have this pref in your about:config: extensions.ui.lastCategory
    Should have a string value of your last selected category (Ex: addons://list/userstyle).
  • addons://list/userstyle
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    Then, however you are opening the Addon Manager, it is not reading that pref.

    Ext. Option Menu is the culprit.
  • OK, i'll talk to Chris. But i get the same results when i open it from Tools/addons.
  • Try disabling the addon and check.
  • Yeah, you're right. I posted for Chris but don't know when he can get to it. Anyway, thank you very much, has been buggin' me for w while now.
  • Noticed something peculiar. Since my AM still opens on exts. category every time (Chris said he'll think about it), sometimes it opens with exts. sorted z-a (all by itself, i never sort it that way). If it does (show z-a) and i click Styles/Tag, it will show tags sorted a-z but styles inside them sorted z-a. I then have to click Name to sort a-z and Tags again.
    Seems like a lot of work and wasted time to use AM. I miss my sidebar! It was a glance & 2 clicks and i'm on my way doing whatever i need to do.
  • In Chris's ext., he has in the overlay xul this: BrowserOpenAddonsMgr('addons://list/extension')
    All he needs to do is this:
    var url = EOMPref.getCharPref('extensions.ui.lastCategory');
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    Yeah, he answered, i linked above. But he says do it ... well, if i do, i will end up doing it on every update. I'll wait to see if he'll add it as an option maybe.

    I have a problem. It seems you use .tag for tag name and that small down arrow next to style name (on the left). This prevents me from styling :hover on tag name only and applies my code to both which isn't what i want.
    Could you rename that small arrow into something else?

    EDIT: i'm using this but maybe i should try something else there, more specific:
    richlistitem[type="userstyle"]:hover .tag
  • That down arrow is: richlistitem[dupe] .tag
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    Yes, but my code applies to both:
    richlistitem[type="userstyle"]:hover .tag

    EDIT: this works:

    richlistitem[type="userstyle"]:not([dupe]):hover .tag

    Thank you!!
  • richlistitem[type="userstyle"]:not([dupe]):hover .tag
  • Yeah, i got it, see my edit above. Thanks though! image
  • I need to change the searchbar text color and nothing usual works. What's going on there? Yes, i use -moz-appearance: none
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    Eh, forget it! I changed bg instead.
  • makondo said:

    Stylish and SEM are not plugins, they're extensions. This are plugins.

    I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Are you talking about your post on page 2? If so, all that stuff is in the editor, as seen on my pic in my response post. Open a style and tag it (type something in that Tag field). Open AM on Styles categoy (not exts., not plugins, not themes but Styles), click Tag button and it will sort by tags.

    No need to be rude, I'm just asking for help...

    The extension does not fill a need for me, how does one go about removing it?

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    Huh?..... That ^ was help, educational help, you're welcome.
    Calling exts. plugins is like calling dollar peso. Hey, it's all money, isn't it?

    In any case, like any other ext. - open addons manager and click the Remove button to the right of the ext. name:

    Good luck!

  • Sonny,
    is it possible to make a button to go up/down w/in the addons list?
  • Could anybody help me?
    The external editor button doesn't work. Is there anything I could do to make it work or is it a known bug?

    (FF Release channel, Mac OSX Yosemite, Sublime Text as an editor)

  • First set up external editor button to use system editor, such as wordpad/notepad, and see if that works.
  • makondo said:

    is it possible to make a button to go up/down w/in the addons list?

  • Just now got it coded. Where to put it ? One button with first click to scroll end and second click scroll top ? Two buttons, scroll bottom/scroll top ?
  • Sonny said:

    First set up external editor button to use system editor, such as wordpad/notepad, and see if that works.

    Nope, it doesn't.
    If it helps the text on the button shows only the editor extension and an inverted bar (.app\)

    I think the problem is that the path the mod saves is Applications\Sublime\
    The paths on the mac use normal slashes. It should be Applications/Sublime

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    I see. Before I make any changes, try going into your about:config and manually modify string pref extensions.stylishmod.externalEditor value using the forward slash "/" and see if it then works.
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    one button is fine. I'd like it be movable 'cause i need it somewhere on the left side. When i open AM in the sidebar, i don't open the sidebar all the way, just enough to see tags or part of styles names. In order to get to the styles closer to bottom, i have to expand the sidebar to see the scrollbar and then scroll or use mouse wheel, both are a pain. If i have the scroll button on the left side, i wouldn't have to do that. So, i was going to put it between back/forward and Name, which would be perfect for me.
    I used to have the scrollbar on the left side of the sidebar. The style still works for bookmarks and history but not for AM any more.
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  • Excellent!! Thank you very much!!
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