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    Oh, yes! When you look at exts., for instance, the circle with + (in your ext.) is actually a link to detail view, correct? What does it do for styles? I don't install styles and all my 'detailed view' pages look the same - Disable and Remove buttons, that's it. Well, since i have those buttons in normal list view, i don't see any reason for that and going to delete that image/link but want to make sure there's nothing there that might be useful for others. Do you know what i'm talking about?
  • OK, NM. I installed one of styles by somebody else and i see it has a link to the style page in the detailed view, i guess i'll keep the image then. Sorry for the noise!
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    Yes, that link is just to view info and access options that you can access from the Options button. I rarely use it myself. Nothing to do with the Styles themselves.
    Just re-checked the Style Page button right-click function (about 50 times or so) exporting edited styles to the us.o edit page and can not duplicate any errors. Perhaps other users will chime in with some feedback.

    BTW, Merry X-Mas.
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    Nono, it's working fine now. Everything is working well. I'm getting ready to dive in my main profile with it .... 300 styles to tag .... probably a whole new style for the manager to fit my theme there .... see you next year!! image
    I really appreciate all that work you did and sorry for bugging if it annoys you at times. Thank you very, very much!

    Yes, great holidays to you too!
    I hope your family came to have fun in the snow with you?
  • I'm going to save both .xpi locally, just in case. Did you update links in the first post with the latest versions?
  • Yes, it's a link to my dropbox, which I update with the same name, so I don't have to keep changing the link.
  • Thank you!
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    Oh boy, i got a mess here! This will take a LOT longer to fix than i thought... I now regret the switch. This profile has been styles together as a single theme and fix all those pieces will be a royal pain and some will be plain impossible w/out breaking something else that's important to me. I don't even know if i want to do all this, too depressing.
    I've never had an ext. breaking the whole profile with an update!
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    How many browsers or versions of Firefox do you have installed ? I have Fx 34 Release, Fx 35 Beta and Fx37 Nightly. When I have a good working profile, I copy the entire root profile folder into one of the other versions, seeing that they are all compatible with each other, for a back-up, and use the 3rd to test with. Crisis hits, not a problem, 30 sec. and its taken care of. Why the big mess ? Shouldn't take any longer then 45 sec. to resolve.
  • Oh no, this will take hrs if not days. I have styles that work together creating one pretty damn nice theme. And don't forget, i use glass/transparency which only complicates things.
    So, i have xul buttons styled and it now clashes with the editor (toolbarbuttons there), i have xul textboxes styled and it now clashes, menus, etc. A lot of work.
    Plus, i need to first re-tag styles 'cause it's impossible to find a style i'm looking for in a list of 300 - may were named to stay w/in a tag and now they're all over and name sometimes doesn't tell me much, so i have actually open a style to see what it's about.

    BTW, is there any way you can make a top/bottom scroll button for AM styles list? 300 is a lot of scrolling image
  • What I am saying is that when all is working well, copy your entire profile into another version of Firefox. When crisis comes to visit, your prepared, not days, seconds and your back on-line. I can understand the tagging of your many styles, but if a download screws you up, either disable the ext. you downloaded or delete your entire profile and copy/paste from the back-up. I do that all the time. I learned the hard way, as well, and once was enough (the reason I installed 3 versions).
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    I have nightly for testing, don't use it often though and beta with 6 profiles for testing different things.
    I use FEBE for daily backup + i copy it all to USB whenever i make big changes or at least weekly.
    The mess i'm talking about is all about being unable to use sidebar as i'm used to and clashing styles 'cause of that. This profile i quite old with a lot of prefs changed. Once it breaks, i will uninstall Fx all together and start a new. No problem. But so far it's holding up. It's just the styles that clash with this new set up (which i really hate and miss my transparent sidebar with just a few tags in it already!).

    I need to exclude :not(.vbox.move) from my buttons code and it works but throws an error. I already added :not(.move) and it took care of most of them but not Clear scratchpad and Line number buttons, those listed as
    .vbox.move. Do you know what i need to do?
    here's the error i get when using :not(.vbox.move)
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    Yeah, don't thing you can use two classes inside the parenthesis, either (.vbox) or (.move) but not together. Maybe try :not([class="vbox move"]), but not sure.
  • Didn't work. And i can't override it in my SE style.
  • Try :not(.vbox\.move), but again not sure.
  • Got problems. control buttons (right side) in selected row show twice, very confusing. Plus, scratchpads don't retain the size and i have to resize every time i open editor - a pain when i'm trying to tag things and have some words in scratchpad for quick access ... isn't quick now. Can't figure which style causes it, have to tag stuff first! A mess.
  • Nope, the code didn't work.
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    makondo said:

    The mess i'm talking about is all about being unable to use sidebar as i'm used to and clashing styles 'cause of that.

    I am not a fan of clutter, so I try to avoid installing extension unless I really need to. But afaik, AioS support stylish sidebar. Unless AioS sidebar relies on stylish, which got removed, it should still work.

    Alternatively there is a neat trick to still load stylish manager in your sidebar without any extension. Just bookmark about:addons and check this particular bookmark to open in sidebar and magic :D

    The drawback of course will be some css involve to alter the width so that the page fit into your sidebar. It is also quite a hassle unless you leave the bookmark in a click-accessible location because loading about:addon from awesome bar doesn't force it to load in the sidebar.
  • I know all that and one profile has OmniSidebar - good ext. In my main profile i use the bookmark. What i was talking about was "...sidebar as i'm used to..." - transparent and very clean and easy, like so:
  • Sonny,
    you know tags don't show right away, i need to restart to see new tags. That doesn't help much, still on 'D' .... about 250 to go ...
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    I am just a beginner in css, but I guess if you have the time and find the effort worthwhile, it is still possible to achieve that same look by styling about:addon page? Or is certain element in that page resistant to css styling?
  • @makondo,
    use F5 refresh key.
  • LunaNight,
    it's not just the look. But i'll get there one day.

    Sonny, thanks, forgot about it! I'm cheating but more or less at 'O' now! How about that scroll up/down button w/in the styles list? Possible?
  • Sonny,
    you know it would help if styles w/out tags would show anyway when sorted by tags, at the bottom, for instance, after all tags. Possible?
  • Forget it! It's a disaster! I will have to change so many styles which are really nice and work perfectly well together just to accommodate this one editor (menus, textboxes, dialog buttons and labels, to start with!). I don't even know what to do at this point. I can't imagine re-tagging all this again.
    What a bummer!!!
  • @Makondo,
    Cheers for the help, but I see nothing of the sort. Have I just got the wrong plugin, or am I just being an idiot?

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    Stylish and SEM are not plugins, they're extensions. This are plugins.

    I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Are you talking about your post on page 2? If so, all that stuff is in the editor, as seen on my pic in my response post. Open a style and tag it (type something in that Tag field). Open AM on Styles categoy (not exts., not plugins, not themes but Styles), click Tag button and it will sort by tags.

  • Sonny,
    i need to hide icons in the editor context menu. In fact, i'd like to exclude it from my main menu style all together. Possible? I did try #stylish-edit context menu, thought why not! Didn't work, off course. Any ideas?
  • Now that the dust has settled, back to this: is it possible to make the AM remember last state? Like, if i closed it at the styles category and it was sorted by tags, the next time i open AM it will open on styles category sorted by tags. Possible?
  • That is how it already works for me.
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