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    Really? What changes? Are you using 55.2.2?
    I don't check for exts. updates anymore. Some are now WExts and lucking features i've been using. But all my exts., scripts and buttons seem to work all right. In 55.2.2.
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    Yes, using 55.2.2 and seems some functions were deprecated, probably Firefox that got transferred to Waterfox. Mostly functions that insert text/symbols into textboxes.
  • I use your Insert text and Insert Symbol buttons and they work all right. Or you mean dialogs and such?
    Don't know, i don't seem to have any problems except that i have to remember not to check exts. for updates.
    I'm really waiting for you to look into the Editor problems. It's a pain not having Undo, XUL and scratchpads not working!
  • Any progress on Editor Undo? It's a royal pain when editing/looking for probs ..
  • Mister Makondo:
    Not bump !!!
    As you said: let the master work
  • I just installed the previous version, 52something, the same problems. Isn't Undo button default in Stylish?
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    Waiting for the final release of Waterfox v56 before I update anything else, for I have been testing the pre release of v56 and there are some issues, so waiting to see if they get resolved.
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    i need to move the style name box to another toolbar but i can't find it in the Position table and i can't move a few other buttons, they just won't pass the name box. Any ideas?
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    Listed as "Name", but the checkbox is disabled because that box needs to be visible, for the editor function, and will fix it so it can't be moved to another toolbar (Toolbar 1 can not be hidden). Also, the Position, Toggler and Un-Preview checkboxes are disabled for similar reasons, but you can still change their positions within the Toolbar. I will fix it so the Un-Preview button will tie it into the Preview button, so they can be moved as a pair
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  • I've found the problem with Name: i use a style that hides textboxes placeholders. Apparently 'Name' is a placeholder. Any way to change that? I can't add an exception to my code (like :not(#style-name-lb) or .label), get an error.
  • Waterfox
    Here 56.0.5
  • Thanks a lot!
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    With this version - and previous too , it's not possible to undo an uncomment.
    it's only possible to reselect the comment and press ""uncomment".
    That's for the normal editor.
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    Yes, we've been talking about it in the last 2-3 pages, remember? ↑
    It sounds like Sonny is not going to fix it ...
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    Icon looks too vivid, let alone the surplus empty space on the right.
    Fix would be appreciated.
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