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    52.0.2 introduced toobar icon graying out depending on the presence of styles. In fact this change gives me the false impression that Stylish² is turned off as other extensions use gray icons for that purpose only, e.g. see how uBlock behaves. Perhaps someone still has a copy of Stylish² 52.0.1? Please, share.
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    I use Watrefox but i don't think it matters, here's my copy of Stylish² in dropbox
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    i think you should keep at least a version previous to last of CB, S+SC+SE. Should something go wrong, we could go back to the previous version. Possible?
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    Yes, I will start keeping previous versions on my site.
  • Makondo, I’m most grateful to you, sir. It works as expected, let alone the old icon does not look garish.

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    Sonny, great, thanks! I usually keep a copy in my dropbox ... just in case, you know image

    You're welcome, Good Luck!
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    Aah, i installed 52.0.2 in my 'Stylish' profile and i can see the icon, new one? Yes, it is grey (i change it in my main profile ... of course ... to fit my silver buttons, as you know, and didn't see the difference until now).

    did you mean grey scale maybe? Nice icon actually, i like it.
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    is it possible to change the Color Format button insert from rgba(0, 0, 0, 1.0) to, let's say, rgba(0, 0, 0, .5)? This way all we need to change is '5' instead of the whole thing '1.0' (do you understand what i mean?).
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    NM, don't think it's possible.
  • Undo/Redo is broken in 55.04
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    What you may have to do is delete and re-install the Stylish² series of add-ons from my site, Addon Manager Fix and Custom Buttons³ as well. I forked Greasemonkey and gave it a much higher version number so it wouldn't update with there new web ext version. But if I were you, I would delete your Waterfox and install clean version 55.1.0, but keep your Firefox profiles and manually transfer them into Waterfox's new profile directory. I can help walk you thru the procedure (not that difficult), as everything is functioning fine for me. May be a long while for Alex to fix the migration function.
  • Most of it works but the editor does not. Some buttons in the editor are dead.
    For the record, i already updated all your stuff (GM included), it's all seems to be all right but, as i said in CB, lost the Bing/Goo Translate button - no menu item and button doesn't open Bing translator page. Dead!
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    Here is my translator, plus goes to translator page on button click, and all buttons work in my Stylish Editor.

    Edit: are you on 55.1.0 or 54? Some of my add-on are modified to work with version 55 (some changes were made in this version) and not 54.
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  • Yes, that's what it used to be here too but it's dead now. I updated from your site, the same. Deleted, restarted, reinstalled ... the same ...
  • Do you have a profile set up in %APPDATA%/Waterfox directory?
  • I named my profile waterfox.WF1 that I migrated from Firefox
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    Yeah, i then pasted many files from the AppData/Firefox directory (the old WF profile). As i said, most of my stuff works but some doesn't. BTW, Smiley button is broken too.

    The Undo button works sometimes but doesn't for the most part. Another button in the Editor doesn't work is Comment group.
  • Bare with me here, I need to know everything is set up properly before I can troubleshoot for you, as everything functions here, even Smiley button and all you mentioned above. So don't think I am asking stupid questions, just trying to figure out what you are missing. On your desktop Waterfox icon, in the properties, do you have inserted the target for your profile, see pic.
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    No, i just added [space]-p, as usual.
  • Enter -P "your profile .ext", as I have "WF1" in the pic, representing my waterfox.WF1 profile name.
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    Profile name? It's the default one.
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    Ok, then for target will be -P[space]"default"
    But in Firefox profile folder, did you not have a profile that you gave a specific name and ext to?
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    No, never had. I use -p and it opens profile manager with all profiles, i always have a few.

    EDIT: i mean my main profile in WF and Fx was 'Default' and that's the one i transferred files from. Everything looks good but a few buttons don't work, that's it. Uninstalling/reinstalling them doesn't help plus the buttons in the Editor can't be reinstalled anyway.

    BTW, thanks for the Copy in the AM, works fine.
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    Delete what you have in Waterfox profile, Assuming you still have that profile in Firefox, right click on it and copy. Then go to %APPDATA%/Waterfox and right click on Profiles folder (right under Waterfox folder) and click paste, your profile is migrated. Do the same for all the profiles you have in Firefox. Or if you have a lot of profiles, simply right click on Profiles folder in Firefox and copy, then go to %APPDATA%/Waterfox and delete Profiles folder, right click on Waterfox folder and paste. Will reinsert Profiles folder with all your profiles in it.
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    I don't want to do that, not now anyway. I'm afraid i'll loose stuff again, apparently some things don't copy/paste very well. Had to reinstall adblock, menu wizard, etc. It's just too much.
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    Apparently you have stuff lost now as it is and not much I can do to help. I have everything functioning properly, so I wouldn't know where to start. All I know is that we both have the same Windows 10 and Waterfox.
  • I think i'll go back to 54 and stay there unless he fixes all this BS. People shouldn't be loosing data on update!
  • This doesn't make any sense! I pasted an older custombuttons folder into this new profile and it till shows the same buttons as if i didn't change anything. buttonsoverlay.xul shows the correct size but the buttons i see are the ones i had when i closed WF. It's just doesn't make any sense to me!
  • I will have to reinstall 55 fresh and every addon ... not today. The same 3 buttons don't work in a clean profile either.
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    I don't recall if I had to change anything in CB addon, but I don't think so, when I went to Waterfox 55. Everything worked from the get go. All I know is that AMF and Stylish would not work in Waterfox 55, but did in version 54, until I fixed the changes from 54 to 55.
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