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    I say again, "In actuality, those three add-ons where developed for specific users, though anyone can download them from my site". When developing the SC² and SE² add-ons, there was no need to reinvent the wheel, thus Stylish². Stylish² was never intended to be an standalone add-on and never advertised as such, if so, let me know where so I can correct the record. In fact, it explicitly states on my site for the S² add-on, "Stylish Add-on with various tweaks to accommodate Stylish Custom² and Stylish Editor² add-ons." I assumed you were following all the threads that pertain to Stylish² and the associated add-ons, but apparently I assumed wrong.
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    James Fleming,
    you can argue all you want but the proper place for this would be in the Stylish-Custom Addon thread i linked above.
    What Sonny says is that this 2 exts. designed to work with each other. And they do.
    If you don't want 2 exts., just use Stylish original. The Write style... menuitem has nothing to do with the Stylish Editor ext. which is what this thread is about.
    In the clean profile with Stylish only:

    FYI, Stylish Custom Addon² is a mod of the Stylish Custom by ChoGGi, which was the original addition to the original Stylish. We put a lot of work into it! It went dead for a while and Sonny created his mod which is now in its second life as Stylish Custom Addon². It's a long story. The point is, use them properly or don't, your choice, but none of it has to do with the Editor or the Write style ... menuitem.
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    Pity, but definitely what we've got here is failure to communicate.

    Stylish 2.0.7 (Original) without extra mods

    Stylish² 52.0.1 without extra mods

    As we see, Stylish² lacks menu items which are present in Stylish Original.
    Question was and still is damn simple: Sonny did it on purpose? (Expected answer: yes/no)

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    I already answered this. Stylish² and Stylish Custom Addon² designed to work together. Otherwise just use Stylish original.
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    Renamed the thread to Stylish Editor², as well as, Stylish Custom². Had a request.
    version 52.1.2
    No more radios. A single Browse button, to select a folder path via filepicker and a single textbox, in which to edit the results of the picker. Also fixed saving of files with an asterisk in the name and added an asterisk in front of disabled styles name.
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    Thanks, looks good. Except i have to close the window to style it since it's still on top of everything and gets on a way (you've changed checkboxes and i'm having hard time styling them, they don't take on my browser checkboxes style! ... but i got it.)
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    OK, the latest works great, was looking for the disabled at the top but they're at the bottom for some reason. Not important just unusual.
    Now waiting for the dialog to become 'normal' image
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    Version 52.1.3
    Dialog closes with loss of focus.
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    But i don't want it to close, i just don't want it to be on top of everything i'm doing.
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    Took all the Styles Backup code out of SE²:
    and relocated to AMF:
    This will set the dialog the way you want, as well.
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    Looks good, thanks a lot!
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    I try all on a profile with the Original Stylish addon (disable)...
    But my userstyles stay not enable .
    I show them, can edit them .

    I am a little bit confused.
    What i need to install and how enable my styles ?
    Because, if i use the Stylish menu , they is no "enable all" menu.
    I revert back (Stylish original, SEM) and all it's ok.
    I wanted show if with your addon , i can hide these webkit error (but they are good) .
    It's space consuming and very disturbing when i try to add CSS for Firefox AND Chrome.
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    Disable all Stylish add-ons and install these from my site: version 52.0.1 version 52.0.1 version 52.1.4
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    Sonny, anything new in this versions? (all mine are for 52.*)
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    No, they are all 52.*
    Need to go thru my site and add version numbers to the xpi's to eliminate confusion. NM, I do have version numbers listed with the xpi's on the site along with wf (Waterfox) compatibility.
    P.S. I also added some minor changes to your "New Tab - with menu" CB button:
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    yeah ... sorry ... was just too lazy to click the link above to check ...
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    do you know where to get previous version of WF? This 54.0.1 crashes left and right for me. Especially on pages with flash players (the plugin is up to date).

    Updates the button, thanks! What's new in it?
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    Get Waterfox from here:
    I would delete your current version and install clean. Probably was an overwrite issue when updating.

    The "New Tab - with menu" CB button:
    (1) Added class name to menu/menuitem to display icons, for those users who wish them
    (2) Disabled menuitem "Tab(s) to New Window" when no tabs are selected to move
    (3) Added code to select tabs to move for those users not using TMP
    (4) Tooltip for "From Clipboard" menuitem, if clipboard contains an url
    (5) Help Tab section for css
    (6) Code enhancements, since the button was from back when
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    OK, thanks.
    @WF, No, i've been there, the latest there is 52, i need the previous, 53, and it's nowhere to be found. 54 is impossible to use.
    I get 'unresponsive plugin' popup and Adobe flash crashes. Unfortunately, i have to have those tabs (with embedded players) open. Didn't have an issue uo until this morning update. I'm not in any WF forums (of which i don't even know where a better place would be for him to see my post, may be an email somewhere...). And yes, i already reinstalled clean.
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    Awesome, thanks a lot! No problems now. I hope he'll fix this at some point soon, can't imagine i'm the only one with this issue.
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    Sonny said:

    Disable all Stylish add-ons and install these from my site: version 52.0.1 version 52.0.1 version 52.1.4

    Thanks and about "-webkit" unwanted errors (because they are good) ?

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    -webkit css errors are just warnings and pose no problems or issues on Waterfox.
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    but when i use -webkit CSS and preview my styles, i need to scroll into these many '-webkit errors' to check others reals errors in my code.
    And they take too much place in my editor , reduce the code editor height .
    Can you add an option or something other to hide them ?

    I hope you find a solution, because it's uncomfortable to make an userstyle working for Firefox and Chrome (that i don't use too much , but some users does)
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    Can you post a screenshot of the errors?
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    Strange that I don't get those -webkit errors. Added code not to show them, but you will need to tell me if it works or not.
    Re-download these three xpi's again (changed version numbers): version 52.0.2 version 52.0.2 version 52.1.5

    If it works, I will add an options into Setting, to hide -webkit css entries.
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    Yes , it work with all your extensions installed !
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    Added "Hide -webkit- errors" checkbox option into Settings dialog: version 52.1.6
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