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    OK, can't get of this red bg for not found. I have my own style for that and it works but on hover only even though i did not specify 'hover' at all. What's up with this?

    EDIT: NM, got it! Thanks for the update!
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    Yes, the autocomplete drop down popup is in the editor's CodeMirror mode. What searchbar textbox are you talking about? Provide a screenshot if you haven't yet figured it out.
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    I'm done, thanks. You gave a new ID to the findbar (used to be .findbar-textbox, it's now #findbar-textbox) i have it all fixed now, except i can't get my border in the findbar when it's 'notfound' red. Can't figure this out but it's not important (to me) anyway. Might try later some day.
  • Sonny,
    @insert local file (Insert Text button menu). You have 2 lines for bg but i usually just need to change the url only. Is there a way to add another item, just 'Get URI' or url("") Get Uri ?
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    Can you middle-click the button and edit in the popup dialog?
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    What i mean is it inserts something like this, for instane:
    background-image: url("file:///C:/bla/blah.png") !important;
    but i'd like to be able to insert just this:
    or this:
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    For your first example, use the "Insert file path" menuitem from the "Insert" button. Second example, middle-click "Insert Text" button and add entry url("") and make sure the entry above it ends with these symbols <>.

    background: url("") !important;<>
    background: url("") no-repeat !important;<>
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    No, i have that already. I'm talking about 'Get URI' which is added to 2 lines in the menu (links that are coded to open filepicker). It doesn't show in the menu when editing and i can not add it. Lookee:

    So, i'd like to have just the file path inserted w/out anything else, see my post above. Right now, those 2 links ( 'Get URI" buttons) insert the whole line, background-image: url("file:///C:/bla/blah.png") !important; , for instance. But all i'd like to have is this part: file:///C:/bla/blah.png

    I know i've asked you about this before but can't remember what you said. If it's not possible, maybe something like this: url("file:///C:/bla/blah.png")
    The reason is that i usually just need to change the path, not the whole line.
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    How about highlighting, in the editor, the path you want to edit, ex: file:///C:/bla/blah.png, then select from the "Insert" button (not the "Insert Text" button) dropdown menuitem "Insert file path". Does not that give you your desired result?
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    OK ... NM ... forgot about this one ... image

    (i really was just checking if you're still awake image )
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    Damn! Just updated WF to 51 and lost findbar! Do you see this? I'm using v.47.0.1, the same i linked you to in the dropbox.
  • Yes I do. It also messes with the not found message and the reached top or bottom of page message, but it does searches. Still working on trying to bring those messages back.
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    Appears to be a bugged Waterfox update. I am seeing some weird stuff I wasn't getting prior.
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    Hmh, i don't see anything else just FindbarFix seems to be broken in the editor and if it's enabled, i can't use the default (statusbar) findbar either. If i disable FFix, i get the default back but still have to use Ctrl+F in the editor (which is a pain!). I disabled FFix for no, hopefully you'll find what's wrong with it.

    EDIT: No! it does show up but isn't functional, it doesn't search, just sits there (in the editor). This is really painful ....
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    Try this:
    It's not 100%, but does searches. Will wait for next Waterfox update to investigate further.
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    Perfect, it works! And i got the browser (statusbar) search back too, great! Thanks a lot!
    Didn't have 'Whole words' before. Any way to hide it other than a style?

    EDIT: Not found has lost my style. Is it working for you? Did you change something for 'Not found' (IDs)?
  • Waterfox
    No, not working for me either. Checking possibilities.
  • I get 'Phrase not found' in the main bar (window findbar) but not my bg css. Seems they changes something in the findbar code.
    It's all dead for me in the editor though - i see nothing, no changes for 'not found' (that's how i know something is not found! image ).
  • Hi, The dropbox link for S.E.M. is dead. I don't find it on AMO either. Is there another link? thanks.
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    All my add-ons are un-signed. I use Waterfox, a forked version of Firefox, to avoid signing, so I don't know how this will affect you.

    I also modified Stylish add-on:
    Stylish Custom² add-on, to work with modified Stylish:
    If installing these 2 add-ons, first delete Stylish and install modified version first, then install Stylish Custom² after it.
    Will be combining all 3 add-ons into 1 at some point.
  • Thanks for bumping!
    Sonny, any ideas about 'not found' stuff ^ ? It's not crucial (at this point) 'cause as i said above, i know something isn't found if nothing happens after i click Find button or Enter).

    Do those files ^ have any new changes or just new names? The files i have are:
  • Sonny,
    check CB forum, Bobby bumped Open with button thread.
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    OK, got it. Thanks.
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    Changes in xpi's above, mostly pertain to the way I show Stylish toolbarbutton drop-down menu (added Go To Forum and Go To Site menuitems). See pic.
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  • Oh, that;s nice. I installed all those latest versions. Looks all right (except for the 'Not found').
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    Been having issues with "Not Found". I believe when searching in code, the code area is a textbox, thus has no end of page trigger. Been trying to find a work around method.
  • It used to work ... before WF 51, i believe.
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    It did, something obviously changed, but not too obvious.
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    in the window (browser) findbar, i see the phrase 'Not found' and it's good enough. Is/was there the same for the editor findbar? I think i remember Barbie talking about it, position or something like that. Anyway, i'm asking because i think i might be hiding the phrase somewhere as i did/do for the browser findbar.

    Also, in the Position table, Clear findbar is UNchecked. But the icon shows. However, if you check the checkbox for Findbar Clear, it shows an extra icon which - i think - is your icons image:
  • Waterfox
    In the Stylish or SC by ChoGGi, the findbar "Not Found" phrase is inoperative. Something has changed from previous versions whereas findbar searches do not react the same on about:blank pages as they do on html pages. Even the windows (browser) findbar doesn't function on most about:* pages.
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