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  • Code mirror window and dark theme still does NOT work well together in FF 49.0.

    Mozilla fault

    See ticket about it in bugzilla.
  • Somebody tested with E10 ?

  • Dows somebody have the latest FindBarfix.xpi ?

    The version on this website: is made for Palemoon and I need one compatible with Firefox 49

    Best Regards :bz

  • Sonny,
    please update your first post of this thread with a proper link. Thanks!
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  • Any new version available? In FX 50.0.2 + last SEM when I try put/change some CSS code then edit window in SEM is destroyed, probably autocomplete code not work correctly.
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    Actually, I gave up on Mozilla Firefox in favor of Waterfox 50.0.2 (a forked version which doesn't require AMO signing), thus unable to troubleshoot/support.
  • But signing in FX can be easy trun off (even in normal version) or we can use add-on-devel version:
    Waterfox is not PaleMoon and share much more with oryginal FX, so why not make small correct for FX to?
    Of course I do not expect any new options in the SEM (due to Mozilla stupid change for addon devs) but small correct for what already exist would be nice, manage style without SEM is really pain.
  • I guess it's time to move on while Firefox is doing the transition maybe for the best or not. Goodbye Firefox. Welcome Vivaldi. ^_^
  • Waterfox
    Waterfox is a forked version of Firefox 50.0.* and Pale Moon is a forked version of Firefox 26 pre Australis. Yes, the fix is not much effort, but more effort than I am willing to give Mozilla, seeing what they have given us users/devs.
  • Any new version available? In FX 50.0.2 + last SEM when I try put/change some CSS code then edit window in SEM is destroyed, probably autocomplete code not work correctly.

    Try this, dunno if you're describing the same thing I ran into or not.
    #stylish-edit > div{display:none!important;}
  • Hey Sonny. Gracias! If perchance you used my code I think it just got rid of the autocomplete. There's probably a better fix that keeps it but I'm still mainly on ff45 so haven't played much with it.
    I've downloaded Stylish Custom a few different times but it never did anything. Never figured out why. But SEM has been good so far, a lot of the reason I'm still on ESR FF.
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    Does sc2.xpi install correctly? The xpi is incorporated with and amended to the Stylish add-on #stylish-toolbar-button image , which needs to be in/on the toolbar. Once Firefox completes it's disabling of XUL and no longer supports Stylish, I will combine Stylish, SEM and Stylish Custom into one add-on, to be used with a forked version of Firefox.
  • Yeah I think it installed correctly.


    But isn't Stylish Custom supposed to add features to the editor like SEM does?
  • That's not the Sonny' ext. menu. Do you have the original SC installed as well? Uninstall it.
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    Sonny, which Stylish do you plan on combining? The one we have now or ... whatever is coming down on us ... one day ... some day ... maybe .... ?
  • This is the menu i get in a clean profile with S + SC2 only installed:
    248 x 332 - 69K
  • Waterfox
    The version we now have, Stylish 2.0.7

    Here is my menu with SC2
    181 x 269 - 52K
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    This is pretty odd 'cause this is the menu from my main 'loaded' profile:

    Speaking of which, why the need for 2 items to disable/enable styles (in calico' shot)? Shouldn't it be 'turn off' and when you do turn them off, show 'turn on'?

    EDIT: sorry, posted at the same time.

    238 x 301 - 119K
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    SC2 does not add anything to the SEM editor but it has its own editor - the modified Stylish editor which i never use and have no means of even opening it but Sonny should be able to tell you more about it. He probably just missed your question.

    Here's the
    SC menu
    , matches yours above. Uninstall SC.
    If you continue reading the thread you'll see more about that SC editor... i think.
  • I uninstalled SC. I guess SC2 partially works, unless I'm doing something wrong, which is highly likely. As long as SEM is working I'm happy as a clam. I'll be switching to Waterfox anyways before too long, it seems inevitable.

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    Fixed the autocomplete drop down popup in SEM editor (can remove your css):
    Maybe your version of Fx causing issues in your pic above missing a few menuitems.
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    What's 'drop down popup'? Is it Insert text menu?
  • Thanks. Looks good! Makondo, I had gotten rid of the autocomplete to fix the editor going haywire, Sonny just fixed it correctly.
    I'm not worried about the menu items, as I don't use nightly except for troubleshooting stuff because my Attributes Inspector custom button doesn't work here. The other thing I hate to lose.
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    In SEM editor, autocomplete drop down popup.
    266 x 281 - 35K
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    Thx Sonny, one more thing: ESC should also close this drop down popup but now only mouse can do this. Without SEM we can close with ESC.

    Btw, if anyone have signed new version also please share:)
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    that's the CodeMirror editor, not SEM native, correct? I never use it.
    Installed the latest. The Clear searchbar now has a white bg on hover (SEM native editor).
  • calico,
    it's not about menu items, it's about the fact that you have 2 exts. installed which may lead to conflicts.
    BTW, Sonny or i don't use nightlies any more, as far as i know. We use Waterfox (w/out any problems so far, i might add, and AI CB works fine, too). But i'm failing to see what nightly has to do with those menu items anyway.
  • Wait, Sonny,
    you changed the searchbar textbox id, didn't you? I see what you mean by screwing my css image So, all searchbar icons have that white bg now.
    I'll fix it (i hope).
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