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  • Thought i'd update mine but:

    Ohwell ... image
    447 x 127 - 39K
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    Thanks but...
    It's not compatible with 48.0 too...
  • Forgot to add Firefox Browser to the install.rdf file. Added to link in last thread.
  • Firefox version 48 implements the Mozilla changes. Will need to use Nightly build to bypass those changes.
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    Here's the one i use, works fine (42.0a1):
  • I have the 48.0.4( Last version Signed?)
    It Work fine but too but without the search bar.

    i can't install your xpi too (corrupted)

    You don't have the SEM signed ?
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    Something isn't right then 'cause i can install from my link above.

    No, i don't (have a signed version). I use nightlies and don't care about signing. Do you have it set to be able to install unsigned exts.?
    xpinstall.signatures.required = false

    You can also submit it to AMO for signing w/out posting it for public use. Just search AMO, mozillazine forum or mozilla support site for HowTo's.
  • @decembre I don't know if this is any help but I installed your SEM 48.0.4 from the previous page on a laptop with FF48. The search bar shows up for me on the standard editor if I toggle it off and on again in the settings when I open the editor. It has to be done each time the editor is opened unfortunately, but at least it's usable.

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    Thanks Calico , that's strange,
    for me that is not effective...
    i stay with my ctrl+F
    Not a so big deal.
    Why i need to sign this extension - only for me - if Sonny don't do it ?

    I prefer a solution where this extension became available for everybody.

    Just we need to wait Sonny change it's mind:
    it can be possible , yes, yes
    For me , I can do the job with my "official" signed version.
    That"s good for now.
  • Some old add-ons on AMO were automatically signed by Mozilla without any action from the dev. They were needed to be reviewed for that.

    Can someone remind me why can't we find SEM on AMO?
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    Because I now use Comodo IceDragon (based on Firefox 48, but without the Mozilla changes and more security) and no longer support Firefox because of those changes. Mozilla made no effort to support devs/users, thus, deleted all my addons on AMO in response. I like "my browser, my way".
  • Ok, but AMO is a good centralized platform for users who search for add-on. What does IceDragon use for that?
  • Comodo IceDragon is fully compatible with Firefox add-ons and can be downloaded from AMO, as well.
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    And the palemoon you use before ?
    I test it:
    To many things to learn another time , so i return to my good / fat Firefox ...
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    Pale Moon is based on Firefox 26 (pre australis) and Comodo IceDragon based on Firefox 48, but doesn't require signing of add-ons.
  • Just an info:
    We can install unsigned addon with this hack (not tested for now):
    Installer des add-ons non signés sous Firefox 48 Publié le 5 août 2016
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    Just easier to use Waterfox 48.0.1 (64-Bit) browser at Still able to download add-ons from AMO or anywhere else. No signing necessary for Waterfox, makes life easier.
  • Ha yes , i tested and it seems fine (support 64bits too!)

    I had just a problem to pass my interface in French...
    Their package do nothing and i crash my profile with an addon which should do the job ... but not.
    Solved by deleting it in my profile folder, and download the Mozilla Official French Package...
    But now, I use Waterfox since a couple of hours without significant problem.
    I don't know if it's problem (the crash was effective in Waterfox AND Firefox too) , but is is practical:
    Waterfox use the same Profiles folders than firefox.
    I keep all my customization when i toggle between Moz or Water.

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    Waterfox is essentially Firefox 48.0.1, but without required signing of add-ons.
  • Waterfox
    Yeah. Remember your test? I find WF much faster (and lighter?) than anything else (the same profiles everywhere).
    One thing about SEM, i've seen this for a long time now, forgot if i ever posted about it (i think i did but 32 pages? ...) - Paste doesn't work sometimes. I need to paste in one of the scratchpads, then it will work again. Pretty odd. I used to think it was my puter but i see the same ow too.
    Steps: Copy text, open editor, past it. Difficult to say what it depends on 'cause it doesn't happen every time but it does happen to me at least once a day (that's the best i can do, sorry).
  • Waterfox
    That is a system/browser function and not part of SEM.
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    Isn't it odd that i get this on the old puter too. I suppose then it has to do with mozilla browsers.
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    Sonny, wasn't there a button or some way to save individual styles? I think it might have been a CB ... not sure now. You know, it would pop a list of all styles with checkboxes to check and backup selected?
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    NM! It's AMF/Stylish Tools > Style Backup. Thanks!

    EDIT: couldn't figure the file. I guess the only way to save styles as individual files is to open each one and save from the editor? Or have you ever figured a way to this (SCE used to have this, was a great thing!).
  • Waterfox
    Yes, "Style Backups" menuitem in the Tools drop down menu and menuitem in toolbar content menu popup.
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    Yeah, see my edit above. I couldn't figure what that file was about. What i need id individual .css files. This way, if i don;t -want to copy sqlite file to a profile, i can install then selectively.

    Do you know how to set Notepad++ as default for .css files? I have to use Edit 'cause Open opens MS Notepad (brrr). When i try doing it the usual way, my puter freezes and i have to restart it 'cause it just goes dead. I think it has to do with N++ being istalled in Program Files(x64) (not just Program Files). I also can'r assign N++ to SEM as external editor.
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    Yeap, that's what it was. I installed it to Program Files and it now opens .css in N++. Odd ... and messy., seems i now have it installed twice? in different directories? ...
    BTW, it doesn't show the name Notepad++ in the editor (as an external editor), shows the same ol' Browse but it does work nonetheless, it opens styles in N++.

    I have quite a few puzzles with this win10 .... image
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    I'm using SEM 48.0.4 on FF 48.0.2 x64 . When using SEM setting>Editor>CodeMirror I noticed that I can not grab the scrollbars with my mouse as if they had no mouse event registered for it.

    It only occurs with Dark Theme enabled in DevTool settings.

    There are several ticket about it in bugzilla.

    Do you notice the same on your setup? Is there a fix?
  • It seems it doesn't support e10s but since e10s is disabled on my profile, I couldn't say if it still properly works despite that.

    I know mozilla changes too frequently and it's pain in the as* for dev to maintain their add-on. I empathize with you. I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it.

    Some users feedback about e10s support?
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