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    Sit vis vobiscum.

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    Thanks, Sonny!
    So, what about the Groups to show in front of styles names ONLY when sorted by groups?
    makondo said:

    ... this should be for sorting by Group only, otherwise it doesn't make much sense in any other sort and makes other sorts (by Name, for instance) a mess again. Is it possible to make it work in Group sort only? (maybe 'Tag' as well but since i'm not going to use it i don't really care).
    Thank you!

  • Will do some experimenting.
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    Thank you! The point is, when you sort by Group, it makes it easier to see where one ends and another begins. But if you sort by name, what you want to see is the usual alphabetical order and Grouping nor tags (whatever they're) mean nothing but simply clutter the display making it extremely difficult to sift through to find a style at a glance.
    If this could be possible, i will experiment with some css to make it even easier to separate groups. Or maybe you can script it. For instance, being able to style groups in alternate colors (first group name - red, alt groups names - white, as an example). Or something for the first style in a Group - a bullet, special margin, color, bg or even better - to show the Group name for the first style in the group only! Like so:

    About about:config blahblahblah...
    about:me ............
    about:config favicon ........

    AM addons manager icons blablahblah...
    AMO favicon ..........

    Bookmarks bkmrks & history in sidebar .....
    bookmarks folders .......
    Browser Customize palette tab .....
    transparency ......

    etc., you get the idea? This would be sooooooooo close to the 143 tagging display, although not the function but at least the display. And it's easier to see what's what at a glance, don't you agree?
  • Ooops! About group names (and probably tags, i wouldn't know) inserted into the code .... what happens when you post a style? Does it install with that group name for others? Do we now have to warn people to change the Group name on every update?
    Try this style, i undeleted to see what happens.
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    Group/Tag names only shows in the Addon Manager if using Addon Manager Fix addon. As far as the code is concerned, it's just a comment block.
  • Right. It's a comment people who use AMF will have to change and therefor i'll have to add this info to all of my 125 active styles + some deleted but still being updated ... if i can remember what they're out of 360 of those.
    Awkward set up.
  • Since Jason took out the tag attribute from Stylish 2, this is the only way (other than to put the tag into the style name) to accomplish tagging, without having to edit files from Stylish.
  • I wonder if there's something we can use that can alert validator but have no effect on style working locally and grouping. For instance, when i forget to change an image local path, validator tells me, which is nice.
    You now have to remember to remove the group name on every style update not to screw grouping for others. I'm sure stuff will happen.
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    When editing a style in th Editor, Stylish only saves the name and code. There is no other way to tag unless it is in the name or code. Been trying to find a work around, without having to edit Stylish files, but no luck thus far.

    Think I found a way to eliminate the Group/Tag entry from the code when a user is updating a style from the site. If you were to update your own style from the site, you would lose your Group/Tag entry from the Addon Manager, as well. Is that an issue ? But the Group/Tag entry will still be in the code that is on the site. Still tinkering with it.
  • Not sure we're on the same page, sorry, a bit slow(-er than usual) this days.
    The example style i linked above has my local group name 'AM'. Let's say you install it and put it into your own group named 'about:'. I'll update the style, you install the update and next thing you know it's gone, you can't find it ... until you notice some new group you didn't create and probably don't want named 'AM' and the style is there!... and so on every time i update this style.
    Ideally, yes, group name shouldn't be in the code or name when people install styles from the site.
  • When saving a style that you created or updated, how do you save it to the site ? Do you go to the site and manually make the changes to the style or is there a way that you upload the changes to the site ? I am unfamiliar with this operation.
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    I right click the Style Page button and it opens style edit page with code already replaced in the code box. Save, done.

    (the page url Style Page button opens has the style url + /edit, like so: https://userstyles.org/styles/107619/edit).
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    For me, when I open a style in the editor and edit it and right-click Style Page button, the us.o edit page contains the original code and not what I have edited in the editors code area. Am I missing something ?
  • Oh boy! If it does, it's broken. Let me check. BB.
  • No, it works properly here. Rclick Style Page button opens style edit page with the correct - updated - code already there.
    I'm thinking, don't bother with it. I will just have to remember to delete the group name before hitting Save on the edit page. Doesn't worth your time. Thanks anyway!

    Bat back to the display, any thoughts here (post #5 on this page)?
  • Hello Sonny, thanks for the Mod!

    I'm having a problem with the external editor on Mac. I want to use Sublime Text and the mod doesn't save the path to it.

    Also, I believe that because the path isn't saved, I don't see a button for opening an external editor.

    Can you help me?
  • After restarting firefox the path to sublime text is saved and I found the button, but when I click it nothing happens. Sublime simply doesn't open. Should I do something special for it to work?
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    Worked out a way for tagging without having to add the tag into the code area. Created a "Tag" input textbox into the Editor, which will accept a group name and/or a hyphen and a tag name. Still cleaning up the code and will post when ready.

    Removed Add Tag button and added Tag input box into editor. Delete all the Group/Tag entries from code area. Your tags will remain local and unchanged on style updates.
  • OK, i see it. It looks good, thanks a lot! We're done here. Now, how about the display i posted above?
  • That one will be tricky. Let's see what we can do.
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    Yes, i understand. But i do think it's possible. For instance, show the first group name and opacity:0 all other (group names) in that group. That shouldn't be applied to tags, exts. or anything else, only styles groups,
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    Hi it's me again. An early merry xmas to everyone here first.

    So is stylish editor mod the replacement for stylish custom which is no longer in development? And if I want to update my stylish editor mod, do I just install the new xpi over it? Or do I have to first uninstall existing version to avoid conflict?

    Also how do you people go about managing your style now that jason remove the GUI support for it? The about:addon page offer no search function.

    The best idea I have now is AioS since all along that addon has supported stylish.
  • And Merry XMas to all.
    I would un-install, or at the very least disable the Stylish Custom ext., before downloading Stylish Editor Mod, but I am in the process of tweaking the sorting function ATM and will have it updated in about an hour or so. I will post it here when ready. Stylish Editor Mod is not a replacement but works with Stylish 2.0.0, whereas Stylish Custom 1.5.1 works with Stylish 1.4.3
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    Ok i try out AMF and am glad that it has the search function. tyvm ^^

    I notice that for both extension and userscript, your AMF manage to capture the date installed. Is it possible to do the same for userstyle? Or there is some limitation and the best we can get is the id order.
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    Stylish doesn't provide the date installed or updated date information.
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    Thanks for the updates, Sonny! What are they about? I see the Clone style button, thanks for that! Anything else?
  • Is sorting by tags being nixed?
  • Well, guys, it appears 35b5 broke my main profile... some exts. appear working but really do not, some CBs don't work, Fx process never ends, have to kill it manually every time .... Not good. Will be trying a few things yet ans looks like i'm up to a new 'default' profile ... image which means i will probably install S2 + stuff.
    Bummer! Just as you get comfy with a profile working perfectly for you ... every time! This will be my 3rd 'default' re-do since Fx 0.8. I guess i shouldn't complain too much.
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