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change color of firefox bookmarks menu

Using Firefox 32, I'd like to change the color of the bookmarks menu (not toolbar or sidebar). Oddly enough there's only one of these on the whole internet, which I'm using now called Firefox 3 Vista Dark Blue Bookmark content items. I managed to change the background to black. But the white bordering is annoying. I tried changing all "border" values to 0px and even the color, but nothing affects it. So I want to remove the borders or change the color value if anyone can help.


  • To remove white borders, add this rule:
    #BMB_bookmarksPopup box, #BMB_bookmarksPopup hbox
    background-color: transparent !important;
    That style goes to a lot of effort to affect all menus - I don't know why "bookmark" is in the name.
  • BTW, you can use Firefox menu->Developer->BrowserToolbox to examine UI elements and play with CSS. After you open it, click OK in the main browser window, wait a few seconds for the toolbox to initiliaze, then use the first button in its toolbar to pick an element (bookmarks button in your case).
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    New to me - thanks!
    Browser Toolbox - Enable chrome debugging and Enable remote debugging must be checked in Developer tools settings.
  • thanks freecyber, that worked.

    w0xx0m, there's no such thing as Browser Toolbox in the Developer menu. I tried "Toggle Tools" and tried the element picker, it just didn't do anything useful when i selected the bookmarks button/menu
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    also new to me, more useful than the regular Inspector but doesnt let you open menus to examine what kracov needs to know if hes going to clean up bookmark submenus with that style.

    That still needs dom inspector with element inspector and abit of patience

    Theres also several ways to write it, that authors written it globally which is simpler, but isnt difficult doing just the bmb popups, however in Australis needs a few things done differently to work. Heres a quick example to make it black also fixing the submenus

    #BMB_bookmarksPopup .popup-internal-box, #BMB_bookmarksPopup .panel-arrowcontent { background: rgb(0,0,0) !important; color: rgb(160,160,160) !important; } #BMB_bookmarksPopup .subviewbutton.panel-subview-footer label{ color: rgb(160,160,160) !important; } #BMB_bookmarksPopup .popup-internal-box { border-radius: 4px !important; margin: -.2em !important;} #BMB_bookmarksPopup .panel-arrow { display: none !important; } #BMB_bookmarksPopup .menuitem-iconic:hover, #BMB_bookmarksPopup .menu-iconic.bookmark-item.subviewbutton:hover, #BMB_bookmarksPopup .subviewbutton.panel-subview-footer:hover, #BMB_bookmarksPopup .subviewbutton:hover { background-color: rgb(60,60,60) !important; } menuseparator { opacity: 0 !important; margin-bottom: -.2em !important;}
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    @kracov: sorry, it's not enabled by default, check Enable chrome debugging and Enable remote debugging and "Enable remote debugging" in the options of the usual Inspector, "Advanced settings" group at the bottom right:


    The Developer menu will look like this:

    @nonaz, Firefox 32, no addons required (I've restarted it in Safe mode to make sure)


    As you can see the list of bookmark menu items is there, in the Inspector of the Browser Toolbox.
    As for the pick element button it might be hidden by default, you can enable it in the browser toolbox options.

    According to MDN the toolbox was added in December 2013 although I guess they've pushed it to Stable a few months later.
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    As you can see the list of bookmark menu items is there, in the Inspector of the Browser Toolbox
    even so not seeing what ids go with what if wanting to examining popups doesnt make it very helpful, it may not be useless but couldnt call it the best tool for the OPs needs, but hey if you dont wanto install more addons, having it theres a real bonus, cheers
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    not seeing what ids go with what
    I'm not sure I understand you as I see all the items with all the ids, classes, css rules, events, and everything like this:
    So ever since I found the toolbox I've removed those old addons.
  • Yes, but if you do the same with the Panel button (far right, I don't know the official name) or the Stylish button, there's nothing there (I believe the popup is detached by javascript when it closes). By using Inspect Context (nonaz mentioned Element Inspector, sounds like it does the same thing) with DOMi installed, you can right-click on those menus (only the upper part of the Stylish menu) and see that part of the DOM.

    It would be much better to make those popup menus stay open while inspecting and editing styles. I'm surprised some javascript guru hasn't written a script or extension to do that.
  • @freecyber, I see, thanks.

    Other than that, the toolbox functionality seems to me quite complete to allow styling of the bookmarks menu which is what OP asked.
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