Focus Rings

I am trying to disable focus rings on buttons only

I know I can disable all focus rings thru about:config but I haven't worked out a way to disable focus rings on buttons only and keep them for links etc.

Any ideas ?


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    edit:thats for webpages
    button:focus{-moz-border-top-colors:transparent ThreeDHighlight ThreeDLightShadow;-moz-border-right-colors:transparent ThreeDDarkShadow ThreeDShadow;-moz-border-bottom-colors:transparent ThreeDDarkShadow ThreeDShadow;-moz-border-left-colors:transparent ThreeDHighlight ThreeDLightShadow!important} button:focus>.button-box{border:1px solid transparent!important}
  • Is that to disable focus rings for buttons in the chrome ?

    I'm looking to disable the focus on web page buttons which that doesn't do
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    if you have browser.display.focus_ring_on_anything set to true then i dont know how to get rid of that
  • that seems to be exactly what i wanted

    thanks choggi
  • your welcome
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