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    Thanks, Jason.
    The new insertion order, however, seems to have messed up a few of my styles affecting the browser chrome in Fx (along with a few glitches here and there on some site Styles).
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    @mikedl try adding /* AGENT_SHEET */ to your styles that are messing up.
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    Thanks for the reply, LouCypher. Where do I add the string (at the beginning, right after the namespace, at the end ...)?

    EDIT: Never mind ... trial and error shows me inserting it at the beginning works! Thanks, LouCypher!!! image

    I've never ran across that prior. Out of curiousity, what does that string actually do (I mean, besides fixing my issue :) )?
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    I'm using 27b3 but some of my styles which are broken now (for me), work with previous Fx versions. Will it break them if i add /* AGENT_SHEET */ for those with, let's say, Fx26?

    EDIT: NM, there's no way i can fix all broken styles, easier to delete. Thanks, Jason.
  • There should be no difference relating to AGENT/AUTHOR between Firefox versions, unless you go back to versions prior to 19.

    I'd be interested to see what kinds of styles are supposedly breaking due to switching to AUTHOR, whether it's a cascade issue or a styling-internals issue. mikedl or makondo, can you post some examples?
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    There's a bunch i just posted as updated here (scrollbar silver, of course, Tin styles for us.o, TMP forum..... i have a bunch of private styles and i didn't go through all of 'em yet).
    Things that are broken were things like select boxes (select boxes arrows, namely), radio and checkboxes, etc. Expected, i guess, but i couldn't 'fix' them w/out adding that line no matter how much i tried.
  • Scrollbar silver automatically got /* AGENT_SHEET */ added by me here. I'll check the others.
  • Hmm... so the one i've added manually is deleted? Thanks.
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    I don't see any difference with or without AGENT_SHEET in TMP forum Concrete and Tin. Maybe it's that you have multiple styles for these sites and this is changing which one gets overridden?

    AGENT_SHEET should only be necessary in two situations:
    1. You are styling Firefox internals like scrollbars
    2. You need to override a property that's defined as !important on the web page (and even then, in most cases you won't have to...)
    Adding it willy-nilly because things don't seem to work is not the right solution.
  • Hmm... so the one i've added manually is deleted? Thanks.
    I added the comment yesterday. Any change since then has all been you.
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    Looks like it's not just <scrollbar> that needs /* USER_AGENT */,
    but also all anonymous elements, like <button> in <select> element, etc.

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    There are things you might not notice, as i said, minor stuff (but annoying), like checkboxes, radio, select boxes arrows, etc. All those styles used to work just fine and do not look right now. I'm unable to 'fix' radio, checkboxes and such unless i add the line. I'm using the default Fx file for those things, there's no 'higher' priority. It is what it is. For instance, input[type="radio"]. I'm not going to go through every instance of radios showing on a page to get 'priority'. So, to me, it's either 'willy-nilly' or i will delete all those styles 'cause i have a life to live.

    PS. on us.o, the left panel, select boxes have dropdown arrows. I've tried a lot of different stuff and still can't change them to look as they used to. Ended up adding the line and that 'fixed' it:


    EDIT: exactly, LouC! That's what i was talking about, posted at the same time. And not just those buttons but some 'submit' buttons, treecols (if a site uses tables), etc. This will break all dark styles that bothered to style this kind of things.
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    Bingo, makondo and LouCypher.
    Also, some of my DIV and UL placements have been affected (those I edited without inserting "/* AGENT_SHEET */" - I had to adjust some with "margin-left", not always a good idea given varying screen sizes).
  • OK yeah, those are the kinds of things that would need AGENT_SHEET. I'm not sure if it's feasible to scan the submitted styles for things like that...
  • That's all right, Jason. When changes occur, I figure it's my responsibility to keep up and adjust my Styles - as long as I know what it takes. ;)
    Thanks! :)
  • I think it is feasible... what I'll be checking for is a selector that matches any children of input, select, option, or textarea (which the exception of when option is a child of select). This matches Tin and a bunch of other styles, but not TMP forum Concrete.
  • That will help, thanks!
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    code deleted
    (yes, there's more to it and -moz-appearance is used a s well, this ^ is just an example of the block which is broken).
  • Ran the script again, you can see the list of styles that got AGENT_SHEET in the ticket.
  • image Any idea of an easy way to see if any of my styles are in the list?
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  • Thank you very much!
  • I don't need to know which of mine it might affect, as I mentioned earlier, it's my responsibility to check out my own Styles and see which ones are affected ... at least, I think? image
  • Good thinking, @mikedl =D>
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    I can't work/edit my styles now ???
    I have updated to the last stylish and use firefox 20.01
  • 'firefox 20.01' ?!? Why?
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    Always because i use a script with the deprecated E4x....
    And i try to find a solution to convert it to something different , but i don't fin the solution.

    Firefox 20.01 is the last which support it.

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    Post the script, and I'm sure someone will take a look at it for you. Using older versions of Fx is not recommended for various reasons.
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