Excellent, but top-left logo doesn't display.

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I love this theme, but the top-left logo shows a trapezoidal black box instead of the W logo. I don't know enough CSS (or whatever stylish uses) to change this. Also, if someone could tell me how to lock the header in place, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for the theme!


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    Stylish does use CSS. Edit the style, make it look like this:
      #p-logo a{
    background-image:URL('data:image/png;base64,...') !important;
    background-size:contain !important;
    I don't know what you mean by "lock the header in place."
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    To edit, click on Stylish icon, right click on "Classypedia" and choose Edit. Add these 3 rules to the bottom of the style, just before the final right-bracket:

    /* lock header in place :) */ #mw-head{ position: absolute !important; } /* allow logo to scroll */ #p-logo { position: relative !important; top: -5px !important; left: -45px !important; } #p-logo a{ position: static !important; /* allow logo to scroll */ background-size:contain !important; /* fix logo */ }
    That will fix the logo and allow the header to scroll with the rest of the page.
  • Hey, thanks for the feedback
    I've gone ahead and added an option on the theme page so you can choose whether you want a sticky or normal header - I've also fixed up the issue with the logo (Thanks Hideheader and Freecyber) although may I ask what browser you're using to get that issue?
    Thanks again
  • I use Firefox, as do many other users of this site.

    If you use "!important" for all your declarations, and your style works in Chrome, it will probably work in Firefox.
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