[Feature Request] Allow styles to be pulled from github instead of pasting into a textarea

edited October 2013 in userstyles.org
It would be really convenient to be able to maintain a history of updates to styles by having them on github and not have to copy/paste them over to update them on userstyles.org as an extra step. I would imagine that when creating/editing a style I would be able to EITHER provide the full CSS text of the style, OR provide a link to something on gist.github.com

In addition to the convenience of updating a style and having the history maintained, they could be forked, allowing styles built on the work of others to be more naturally attributed. Additionally, like anywhere else on github you get the ability to comment directly on individual lines of code. It could potentially be taken one step farther to allow the use of full repos so my github-hosted userstyles could accept pull requests from the community.

I realize that this could be a pretty significant amount of work, but I believe that having the feature there will encourage the style authors to become a more collaborative community. (I'll be hosting my styles on github from this point forward, regardless.)


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