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Place questions about Stylish Custom (SC) in this thread. To test updated version 1.3.4 (September 30, 2013), send me a PM.
Latest version Jun. 28, 2014:


  • I think, this is a typical situation::
    I have a global style, normally disabled, and I want to apply it permanently to the specific site/domain, and I'd like to perform it with the least number of clicks and the minimum distance of mouse mileage.

    In the current version of SC you can do something like that by writing "*|disable" in the Tags field of ‘Edit style’ dialog, but it works poorly, also it's too complicated for the average user.
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    /* ============ wish list ============== */

    1. Line numbers in the editor code box (the most popular request) (in the trash. Too much work, use an external editor instead if you need line numbers)

    2. Look into simplifying the Toggle options (from trespassersW post above)

    3. Reverse order/function of the findbar - seems to be reversed (see my post below)
    (Fx25b thing. Fixed with a css, read more here)

    4. Make the editor tabbed (see the post by xul below)

    from decembre (p.2):
    5. A way to toggle (disable/enable) a group of styles in one click.

    6. When we use the statusbar, Let its menu stay open til mouse out.
    Like that we can enable/disable more than one style in one operation.

    7. A possibility to enable/disable Stylish with one click on the statusbar icon (like Greasemonkey)

    8. Add a 'Restore default' button in the Options to be able to restore SC default settings. ( )

    9. A better way to customize editor toolbars. Its not so easy to see the final result of our change (when it's in the toggle state by example) (by decembre)

    10. Change SC toolbarbutton by ChoGGi to another one for this mod. (Done)

    11. Fix the Disable/Enable function for tags. (can't do image )

    12. Add the second findbar back (the one with arrows, s.c. 'new'?). And, as grom suggested on Cho' forum, it would be nice to rename them into something more descriptive than 'old' and 'new' which really mean nothing and are very confusing. (Done - only the searchbar with arrows is available. Much less confusing!
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    You do not see this when hovering the mask icon on error (see pic) and clicking on error takes the cursor to that line?
    I have retested it ( with and withiout Others styles enable) and i see nothing...
    Just the Mask and hovering it , do nothing

    It's your Stylish-Custom Mod 1.3.3
  • Which version of Fx are you using?
  • Sonny, are you going to release your version on AMO?
  • Will consider it, although I have issues with a couple of individuals at AMO.
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    Yeah, i remember, the favicon changer deal? Well, they're just testers. Should they fall in to test it, can you request another tester?
    You could call it Stylish-Custom Lite as it is really lighter since the flash-back removal and code cleanup as you said.

    BTW, i was going to post about this anyway. Is there a way to make a button which will change back slashes to slashes? You when you pick an image on your HD and simply paste it's path and it shows like file:\\C:\here\and\there.png. With a click of this button, we could (?) switch the url to read file://C:/here/and/there.png
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    Yes, where are you pasting the image to?
    NM, I assume straight into the edited style in the editor window.

    How about adding another menuitem to the Insert button drop down menu? Have the menuitem open the filepicker and insert the selected image path.
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    Into the style. You know, like background: url(file://C:/here/and/there.png)
    I have a whole bunch of local styles with local images. I also change them from time to time. Being able to change the slashes on a click would be very helpful. Especially when testing different images.
    Highlight the url+click the button and slashes reverse.
    I know, it's not a widely useful button and if takes too much effort, don't bother then.
  • No problem either way. See my last edited post.
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    Perfect! as long as it injects it in the correct way, with slashes instead of system back slashes (as it shows in the filepicker, for instance).

    I was thinking about the name for your ext. If you'll be adding the ability to use Orion with it, it might not be as 'lite'. maybe just keep it as is, Stylish-Custom Mod (and change this thread title to it too image).
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    OK, got the code. How would you prefer, insert path only file:///C:/here/and/there.png or as url(file:///C:/here/and/there.png) or background: url(file:///C:/here/and/there.png)
  • The tag simply helps to group styles.
    Not so simple. Choggi added new functionality to the 'tag' property;
    see Stylish Custom OptionsToggle tab:
    "You can use tag to toggle styles (see Guide.."
    Unfortunately, this stuff doesn't work properly and Guide seems to be lost..

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    Hmm, not sure. I think the second one is better. There cases when i use color first and then an image (it seems to help with the white bg splashes on slow loading sites before the image is applied), so it looks like this:
    background: #444 url()

    BTW, isn't it suppose to be double slashes after file: (file://)? You have three. I've never used 3 (file:///).
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    Oh, i've never used those as i've never understood what all that toggle stuff was for. I remember asking Cho but i don't remember ever getting an answer my brain cell could comprehend. Thanks for the explanation (even though i still don't get how to use it or if it's useful to me at all.
    Sorry for the interruption, carry on then.

    Wait! Isn't it a way to use a style w/out using regexp?
    Also, i use tags for grouping and using this option (which uses the Tag field) will temper with my grouping. Yeah, it's not the best way to do it.
  • file:///C:/Temp/test.png
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    Which version of Fx are you using?
    It's Firefox 20.0.1

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    Don't know much about earlier versions of Fx. I generally code for newest release versions and betas. Perhaps in there lies the problem. May want to upgrade to Fx 24?
  • Odd then, i always used double slashes for file: and it works fine in all styles i used it with.
    The insert works great, thanks!!

    So, how about Orion? Any luck with that?

    Oh, and the theme (i told you in PM). Could you please not add any styling for the editor? Or make it an option to use yours or none (or 'default').
  • Yeah, I gave you my version. Inserting the additions into your version and will post in a few. Orion is a pain. I converted a few functions into Orion, but all functions need to be converted into Orion and more trouble than it's worth.
  • Where can I download it?
  • Sonny, edit your first post to add something like 'if you want to test the new version, send me a PM'.
    Just sayin'
  • Good idea!
  • Thanks, that's mine, works well, lovin' it!

    I personally don't miss Orion at all. I can always use an external editor. But, any chance for the line numbers?
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    EDIT: ^ i see, thanks!

    There's something weird with the 'new' findbar icons, they seem to be in reverse: the Next button and the Previous button. In the Fx default findbar you see Next Previous, in this order to the right of the findbar input box, in the SC editor (with the 'new' option checked), i see Previous Next. It also checks backwards. It goes to the bottom of the page first. Then, as you click the first button (which suppose to be 'Next', it actually goes up the page (just like 'Previous' would).
    It's weird. I tested in a clean profile, the same.

    234 x 29 - 1014B
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    The default Stylish editor has text row numbers on the left margin, while I noticed the present editor in stable SC from AMO doesn't. Will the text row numbers be added in the near future?
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    ... I personally don't miss Orion at all. I can always use an external editor. But, any chance for the line numbers?
    We've been talking about it in the other thread. Makes it 3 of us image
    Still waiting for Sonny.

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    Sonny, got a new name for your ext.
    Stylish-Custom Loaded or Stylish-Custom Reloaded.

    Uh? C'mon now, this is good! image
  • Don't know much about earlier versions of Fx. I generally code for newest release versions and betas. Perhaps in there lies the problem. May want to upgrade to Fx 24?
    I stay at this version because one of my favorite greasemonkey script use E4x things and the last FIR version stop to support the format :
    Bug 814633 - Firefox 17 breaks a Greasemonkey script that relies on E4X (New : Firefox 21 delete totally its support)

    I wait if i can understand how to fix that (but...) that and after i upgrade.
    At work, i can test it...

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