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    Try XSCMod1.xpi or XSCMod.xpi
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    Thank you, Sonny. However, there might be parts I like whilst wanting to eschew the parts I don't like.

    Kinda like, each time, give it a, and a link.

    I'll check out the 1.3.6 (when it comes out) but I might want to go back to

    Either way, I'm a happy camper and I appreciate all helping to winnow the code even though some of the additions don't affect what I do on a day-to-day basis.

    For all: I mean no disrespect. image
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    like with any other ext., people ask for options which others might not need (for instance, i don't use half of the buttons that were added by Cho). If a developer adds it to an ext., usually you have a choice not to use it or at least to ignore it as 'as is'. You - and others - are welcome to post their opinion and 'wishes', you know.

    In case you didn't notice, none of my other 'wishes' listed here made it into any of this versions. Right now we're talking about bugs - things that should work but do not.
  • Bugs for one person can simply be an annoyance for another.
    I haven't seen the "bugs."

    What I see is it not working the way you want it.
    Get into some coding and help fix it, then.

    In the meantime, some "bug" fixes break what I liked prior to the "fix."

    Really, makondo, I'm not the bad guy here ... just trying to help. image
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    Comment group button doesn't work, it does not UN-comment, a bug, isn't it? Or, as you said above, you didn't test it.

    BTW, i'd like to remind you that this version of SC - SCMod - was created on my request ("It's not just yours and Barbie's add-on ... it's for all of us."). The original Cho version (.7.9.e) should still work fine. Maybe you should stick with it if you don' like what we're trying to do here.

    EDIT: i need to clarify (not that i owe you any explanation). We've been working on an improved SC version for a while now. I knew Sonny had a personal version that worked for him and since i didn't want him having to keep up with some 'special makondo edition', i decided to try it and liked it. I then requested a thing or 2 which he kindly added/changed (or did not). And that's how it goes. Again, you're not forced to use this version, here's Cho' latest version.
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    BTW, i'd like to remind you that this version of SC - SCMod - was created on my request.
    I bow to you, makondo. Sorry, I shall leave now ... image

    Seriously, you're not this much of an ass on purpose, right? How much of the code did you write, makondo? image

    Oh, yeah, I can't leave without a big "THANK YOU" for you as you appear to be fixated on getting thanks for every post you (or others) make for helping someone and, when it doesn't happen, you remind them to give thanks. When you find yourself in need of constant thanks, it's time to look inside.

    Even so, thank you, Sonny, for what you are doing at the behest of makondo.
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    See my edit above.
    And please, please, stop the bickering again! It's not about you, makondo or anybody here or there. This is not a personal therapy thread, we're trying to do something here. If you like it (the SC mod by Sonny), use it/test it and post your findings, if not, oh well. But you're welcome to make your suggestions, like anybody else. Just not about makondo (every time you try attacking me, you miss the point anyway. Just stick to your own inferiority complex). Or start another thread for this one, "makondo" or something, bet'ya will be a popular one image

    EDIT: this is funny:
    "What I see is it not working the way you want it.
    Get into some coding and help fix it, then."

    Next time somebody complains about my style, that's what i'll tell them! image
  • This was not about you, makondo ... but it appears you believe it is ...

  • EDIT: this is funny:
    "What I see is it not working the way you want it.
    Get into some coding and help fix it, then."

    Next time somebody complains about my style, that's what i'll tell them! image
    Well, if you do tell them that, and they help, or you help, don't badger them about saying "THANK YOU!"
    Sometimes, thanks is derived from merely doing a good job without outside influences dictating we did so.
    Real world stuff.
    Still, we are getting off-track here and you merely want to increase it (ergo my responses).

    I only asked for new version numbers ... not the moon and the sky to be delivered to my door.

    Other than that, I have come to realize SCMod is your creation. Sorry for not having realized that.
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    NO NO NO.
    It had nothing to do with remembering if you have more than one CommentGroup section.
    When you CommentGroup the second section, it will change to the First CommentGroup.
    That is why you need the number.

    Test CommentGroup with two diff sections...and the second one is wrong.

    CommentGroup THIS:

    {color: /*red*/ /*green*/ blue !important;}

    THEN CommentGroup THIS:
    {background: /*pink*/ yellow !important;}

    AND the first section will work fine but the second section would change to the same as the first section.
    {color: red green blue !important;}*/

    ➜ ➜ ➜ But now I cannot replicate that happening.
    So if that does not happen... then the numbering is not needed at all.

    ● But I did notice that the very first time you used the CommentGroup in a fresh Editor, it would not function unless you have previously pressed Preview.
    ● And as I stated in the post above... the UNcommentgroup does not work.
    ● I was interested in the Character Count (cool !) and that is why I tested this Mod.
    But since there is not a "Findbar with the Arrows"... I will be using the original ChoGGi Stylish-Custom.

    So carry on.... I don't need to test or check in anymore on this without the "Findbar with Arrows".
    Thanks very much Sonny!
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    I used that findbar too but now getting used to this one. It would be nice to have the old one again but i'm not sure it's possible.
    There some major changes coming to the Fx findbar (like, it will be placed at the top, below top toolbox. Get ready for this one. Will have to get use to it or install an ext. that will drop it back down. Oh, and they will eliminate the bottom bar too, etc.).

    I still don't get what you're saying about the group numbering thing. Hopefully Sonny does.

    EDIT: i added the findbar to the 'wish list'.
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    about CommentGroup. I think it's really useless. You can comment anything, including a group - that is, blocks of code with comments in them - with CommentText button (which works fine). I really don't get why you'd need CommentGroup. If it's just for a visual effect to be more obvious, then maybe adding something like COMMENT GROUP END to */ could be helpful.

    I've noticed that using CommentText alone on a 'group' (that is on a code with comment(-s)) throws errors. Maybe add 'COMMENTED' to the first set /* (just like CommentGroup button) and 'COMMENT END to */ and since this button seems to work fine, eliminate the CommentGroup? Like so:

    your code
    { here } COMMENTED END */

    Also, i'd like to give some bottom margin (padding?) to errors (i'd like for #errors to have bottom margin) but i can't do this. The reason is, my errors are on a semi transparent bg which covers errors-lines/counts buttons and the text (Cursor at and line numbers) bleeds through making it difficult to read the last line of the errors panel. Also, if i hover over those spots, errors disappear, i can also see tooltips for those buttons even when hovering over #errors panel. I tried adding z-index but it didn't help. I tried solid bg color and that didn't help either.
    I was trying something like this w/no luck:

    #stylishCustomToolbox #Errorsbar #errors
    { z-index: 999999 !important;
    margin-bottom: 30px !important;
    padding-bottom: 20px !important; }

    Also. You still have flashback icons even though you don't have the flashback option anymore. I think it's safe to delete code for those.
    And maybe you can explain the Snapshots to me? I've never understood what it suppose to be about. Thanks!
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    I got it! It's quite simple:

    #stylishCustomToolbox #Errorsbar
    { margin-bottom: 30px !important; }

    I really like how cursor goes directly to an arrow line you click in the error panel. This wasn't quite working in the original.
    I wonder if there's a way to make the cursor blinking bar (caret place) something else for better visibility, like a red triangle above the spot or something. Is it?

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  • Sonny,
    what happened to the #unobfuscate or #unObfuscate button? I don't see it anywhere!
  • Removed it in last update, while I was figuring out the Comment Group function. Back in with this update:
  • Yay! Thank you! That's one of my favorite buttons.
    I see you added 3 or so new buttons but they don't have tooltips. It would be good to have it, confusing w/out it especially since you don't mention changes and we have to hunt for them and figure out image
  • How about that cursor blink (see above)?
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    I see you did something about CommentGroup. It works now - that is it does comment and UNcomment groups (although i still don't understand the numbering, it seems adding 1 for every click. That is, click 5 times and it will say COMMENT GROUP 5 ... pretty odd. I also see a new option in the Options: Reset to 1. What does it mean?

    But the problem is when it UNcomments a group it doesn't replace the comments previously being there:

    textbox { color: red; }

    after you UNcomment it, it wll look like this:

    textbox { color: red; }
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    Isn't that the way it should work? image
    Lets say I comment out a bunch of code (/* ... */) and I decide to uncomment that code (to see how it works and what it changes given some other edits I might have made) ... shouldn't it still be there?

    I mean, if you are going to take enough time to highlight a mere comment, as opposed to commenting out some code, just hit delete. It's different when one wants to uncomment (or comment) a block of code.

    Why would one want to uncomment something that is not code?
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    No. That's not how it works in the original SC. When you comment a group, it removes all comments. When you click that button again, it UNcomments the group and replaces all previous comments.
    Here's an example:

    /* reply box */
    { border: 1px solid black !important; }

    /* textbox */
    #Form_Body textbox
    { border: none !important; }

    /* formatting bar */
    #Form_Body toolbar
    { background-color: red !important; }

    Comment this group, it will remove all comments:

    /* COMMENT GROUP reply box
    { border: 1px solid black !important; }

    #Form_Body textbox
    { border: none !important; }

    formatting bar
    #Form_Body toolbar
    { background-color: red !important; }*/

    And now UNcomment it, it should look as it did before all this commenting:

    /* reply box */
    { border: 1px solid black !important; }

    /* textbox */
    #Form_Body textbox
    { border: none !important; }

    /* formatting bar */
    #Form_Body toolbar
    { background-color: red !important; }

    And that's how it used to work when it was working. Which is why i said i don't really understand the need for this button 'cause you can use CommentText just as well and it will comment this whole group and UNcomment it returning everything to the way it was. Maybe Barbie can explain the purpose of it better, it was her request (or else, read through the old SC thread, it's there somewhere).

    EDIT: i believe this button was needed then because if you'd use CommentText button for a block(-s) with comments, editor would throw an error for double comments. But in this version it doesn't and simple CommentText works fine, you can comment and UNcomment blocks with comments in it w/out problems. Or so it looks to me. Personally, i never use CommentGroup, i delete blocks for testing and the hit Redo.
  • Here's a screenie from a profile with the original .7.9.e, notice the button tooltip:

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  • Done. Thanks. Also set background-color: Window !important;
    Thank you, it works like a charm on my end.
  • Clear search button doesn't work - nothing happens when clicked, suppose to ... clear the searchbar.
    I really miss the other findbar. It let's you go up or down with arrows instead of clicking your way down in circles.
  • Presently working on a fix.
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  • Awesome, thanks!
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    See what this does for you:
    Maybe minor tweaks to css? Clear search button should work as well.
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  • Well, it's a disaster. Will have to go through my styles to fix it. Buttons have a bg, mine don't, just images. The editor needs to be stretched almost as wide as my screen to see all my buttons. Some buttons lost images - changed IDs, i'm guessing. The Clear searchbar button seems to work although has no image ....
    Off i go hunting for the changes. BB after i'll change all that.
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    Go back to this or this
    If one of those work for you, I will add the findbar into one of those. Ensure you are using the Default Theme radio selection in the options.
  • One thing right off the start: it shows both search bars. I thought i need to drag one into the Customize window, clicked the Customize button, closed it and the second bar 'old' disappeared. Weird.
    How about that old request by grom about renaming them into something more descriptive? 'New and "Old' mean nothing really. 'New' to whom? How 'Old'?
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