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    Restarted, still works ... I suspect there was some glitch with Fx being slow again and dragging behind my clicks.
    Well, now that this is settled, i'd like to ask you to look into this little glitch i have for a while now. I asked Cho to look into it but we never got anywhere.
    When you open that Export window, there's a file field at the bottom and it has preselected file path in there, i'm guessing it suppose to be the last file used. Now, mine is stuck on some folder path that i don't even have any more on my puter, from waaaaay back (i said, i had this problem for a while now). So, let's say the path to the folder is like this: C:\Styles\Fx17 and it shows every time i open the Export window. I have to either browse to a new folder or type it manually, at this point i save styles in C:\Styles\Fx25 and expect the path remain when i open this window again but it doesn't! it shows Fx17 every time.
    Now, if i clear the field and click Browse and browse to the folder i need (Fx25 in this case), it will add Fx25 like so: C:\Styles\Fx25\Fx25 - i'd expect it to replace it not to add.
    Is there a fix for it?

  • I see, said the blind man! I never used that toolbar button before. Looking into your fix ^.
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    Check in your about:config settings and see if this extensions.stylish.custom.exportpath is set to the path you want.
    Mine retains last selected path.
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    I reset the path in about:config, will see what happens, will test later. Thanks!

    "I never used that toolbar button before...." image are you kiddin' me?! There's a truck load of useful stuff. For instance, you can search all styles for something from Stylish Info. Click it. I use it all the time. I use Export at least once a week and always after changes to a few styles.
    Now, let's say you're looking where you might have .blahBlah styled. You can sit and scratch your head, open/search styles one by one (real fun with 400+ styles!) or you can click Stylish Info (i never liked the name though, doesn't tell me much of what it does). Type .blahBlah in the filed and select Styles. It will sort out all styles that contain .blahBlah. Awesome!
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    image Dammit! I'm doing a few things at once ... and, apparently. not too well. I had the previous version installed and, of course, the Export works fine there. I just re-installed your last version and Export indeed does not work.
    The Export window suppose to open with active styles checked. When clicking 'Select all', it suppose to check all styles. None of is happening. Try the version your posted for me before (1.3.4 Sep.30) to see the difference. It works there as intended.
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    My latest update Mod 2 1.3.5 works fine and saves styles to where designated.
    image image
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  • OK, i've found a line of code that used to work but it doesn't now, has to do with treechildren, could be Fx25 thing. But the filepicker field is still broken here. Still doubles the folder name.
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    Can not duplicate the double file name. Tested in Fx24 release, Aurora and Nightly but not Fx25
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    Well, it's not an Fx thing (i mean versioning), i've been having it since ... Fx17, apparently (that's when it first stuck). I guess i will have to let it go and just live with it. Thank you!
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    Does the name read double in the about:config setting extensions.stylish.custom.exportpath as it does in the textbox?
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    Yes, it was. I modified it with the correct path now and will see what happens.
    Well, i created a new folder, it still double it and it looks the same in the about:config. If i change it in a:c, it changes in the filepicker field.
    I don't know, it's weird. I don't have this problem with any other filepicker.
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  • I click Browse, browse to the folder, click Select folder button in the filepicker, it closes and the path is in the filepicker filed ... doubled the folder name (see the pic above). I think i do all the steps correctly but it does this every single time no matter what folder i choose.
  • Try this:
    Modified code, so let me know if it fixes your problem and I will incorporate into an update.
  • No, it does the same thing, doubles the folder name.
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    Can you post a link to where I can download Fx 25Beta

    NM, got it.
    Nope, works fine in Fx 25b7
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    Hi Sonny. There is a small issue with the plain old editor. If you have a dark system theme, it shows black text on dark background. Screenshot attached. This code overrides it, so you know what to look for:
    @namespace url(;
    @-moz-document url("chrome://stylish/content/edit.xul") {

    #internal-code { color: WindowText !important; /* "color: black" is hardcoded */ }

    Your Light and Dark theme are not affected, but the default one is. Thank you.
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    Done. Thanks. Also set background-color: Window !important;
  • Thanks for the update!
    Have you had a chance to look at any of the 'wish list' surviving requests?
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  • Thanks for the update. It's a pity none of my requests seem to be doable and i don't care for the rest. I marked ^ stuff as done (although i don't use the statusbar button and have no idea what it's about, taking your word for it).

    If you'll implement #5, PLEASE, make it an option! I hate one click stuff as it calls for trouble with accidental clicks.
  • I forgot what Snapshots is about .... not much help in the guide either. I remember though i've never used it.
    Do you know what it suppose to do?
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    This Mod is unusable for me because the Search Findbar with the Arrows is not available anymore. There is no choice for it in Options.

    But just to report:

    Comment Group is BROKEN.

    UNCOMMENT GROUP will do this

    {color: red blue yellow !important;}*/

    The old Comment Group Button had the numbers added to it so that if you had more than one Section CommentGrouped it could replace back to the exact same as that Comment Group was, and not to another Comment Group section.
    I agree that the long long long list of digits is not needed, but this would allow proper function when you have commentGrouped more than one section:


    BUTTON: Automatically insert !important;
    WILL ONLY INSERTS at cursor position. Was not like that before.
    Before.. it would automatically insert at correct position with this type of code.
    {color: red;}

    BUTTON: Automatically insert !important;
    I set into Options > Text > "Auto!important text" as
    Yet it still inserts as !important; which makes it insert as !important;;

    Not important but...
    When you click OK in the Options, the Options will not close. You have to then click X to close.


    If Editor opened at small width... the ERROR TEXT overflows into the bottom toolbar, blocking the function of the buttons.
    When you fix the ERROR, then it will not remove the ERROR text in the ERROR box on Preview, or unPreview... because it blocks the buttons function.
    You have to widen the editor so that the error line is one line, then ERROR text will remove on FIXEDpreview or UNPreview.

    I guess use CSS to fix.

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    Fixed COMMENT GROUP with a random 5 digit number and !important;. ChoGGi made the OK button act as a save changes button, not a close button.
    Working on a fix for the errors. Only cure I can see now, is to truncate the line.

    The findbar is hidden with the Fx bets versions (which I operate on). When the dev's get around to addressing that bug, I will re-enable it.
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    Uncomment doesn't work. It doesn't uncomment at all now.
    I don't understand why those numbers are needed anyway (as if you don't know which group you want to uncomment) but isn't it better to have at least some numbers that make sense, like Barb said above, group1, group2, etc. maybe?
  • Ah, I haven't tested that far, makondo.

    I do have one request for Sonny: Please change the release number as I still have 1.3.5 even though it's been updated many times since that release.

    Still, even at that, thanks, Sonny! image
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    You mean you missed that ^ post by Barb even though she really tried with font-size: 200px ?! image

    I saw this before but forgot to post here. The rest i don't use and can't confirm. OK button has always worked the same, as a 'save the pref' button.

    The errors look fine to me, it disappears on mouseoff and can't prevent any buttons from working. I personally don't see any problems. Using this, maybe it should be in by default:

    #stylishCustomToolbox #Errorsbar #errors:not(:hover)
    { opacity: 0 !important; }
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    If there is more than 9 lines of code in between /* */, it will not uncomment. Will try to incraese it.
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    I read the post by Barbie, makondo (I read everything she posts - I respect her immensely).

    She, and you, have delved much deeper than I.

    For my purposes, Sonny's SC Mod works great! image

    I just wish there was an easier way to keep track of the different versions ... I might prefer an older one over a newer one ... just sayin' and with all due respect to Sonny. image
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    I don't think Sonny keeps older versions linked here. Do you, Sonny? Another words, if you click any link that might still be posted somewhere here, you will get the latest (or an error). Or so i think.

    Sonny, it's not 9 lines, doesn't work at all on 2 lines or 4 lines or ... Just doesn't uncomment, here, clicked it again to uncomment:

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  • I don't think Sonny keeps older versions linked here. Do you, Sonny? Another words, if you click any link that might still be posted somewhere here, you will get the latest (or an error). Or so i think.
    Yeah, all roads lead to 1.3.5, as of late, with no options to install a previous 1.3.5.

    I'm OK with that. Still, I might not like what you've convinced Sonny to include and prefer the previous iteration.

    Just my two cents. It's not just yours and Barbie's add-on ... it's for all of us.

    Thank you, Sonny! image

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