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    Here is what I got for Stylish Manager. Added a "No Toggle" checkbox to each style and added Enable All/Disable All buttons to the footer. All will toggle enable/disable except those checked.

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  • I see ... It's not what i was talking about. I can use SC default Enable all/Restore all from the toolbarbutton menu and it works very well, maybe a tad slow if you have 400 styles but it disables all and then restores styles state. Which means, it actually disables only enabled styles. Really nice, i use it a lot instead of the Stylish Turn off/on which is of no use whatsoever.
    I'm talking about tags. I'd like tags to work the same way. As of now, when you Rclick a tag (tag label) and then click Disable, it will disable all styles under that tag. Rclick again/Enable will enable ALL styles under that tag. However, if you had a disabled style in that group before you started all that clicking, it will also be enabled! You see, that's the problem. Rclick/Disable on a tag (label) should disable only enabled styles and leave disabled styles alone. Those disabled styles should be enabled by Rclick on the disabled style name/Enable.
    What you have there ^ is a long way around and to tell you the truth, i'm not fond of it. But if this is the only way you can add this functionality, i suppose i will have to live with it.
    For the record, extra 2 buttons in the sidebar is a major disaster.
    I have a style where i hide all those buttons except for Write new Style which is an icon. So, i shouldn't have problems styling 2 extra buttons the same way. But toggle column .... In my style, i can close the sidebar completely or open all the way to the browser right border. So, i usually have it open just enough to see tags names which i keep short. This way, i can easily click a tag to open it or disable/enable. Using your version above, i will have to:
    click the tag i want to disable
    open the sidebar enough to see the toggle checkboxes
    check disabled styles
    go down to the bottom bar and click Disable All.

    I was hoping for a 2 click operation: Rclick a tag/Disable, Rclick a tag/Enable. Just like Cho' menu works for all styles but for tags.
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    Why not add "+" and "-" icons (directly near the style name) to enable / disable quickly a style, without all these right / left clicks.?
    And if it is possible in the menu of the extension bar (bottom windows) too.

    Without that, we need:
    Click on these style name to open its mown menu for "edit - enable - disable"....
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    What do you mean? Styles already have own Rclick menu:

    The problem is not in display, the problem is in the function itself: it doesn't restore style original state. Again, Rclick/Disable on a tag should disable enabled styles only. Rclick on the tag again/Enable should enable previously enabled styles only, that is - return the whole tag (group) to it's original state.

    One click/+/-/whatever else trick for one click operation should be an option, not default. All Disable/Enable options are in menus already and i see no reason to change that and add some clutter and confusion. It should remain as is for consistency.
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  • Sonny,
    any news?
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    There's something else i'll add to the wish list. Remember grom asking to rename search bars (in Cho' forum)? Well, i think it's a good idea also. 'cause 'Old' and 'New' mean nothing really. Could it be rename into something like 'Case Sensitive' and 'Non-Case Sensitive'?
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    Updated Stylish Custom to Mod 2 1.3.5:
    Added option (Custom Themes) in General tab for a Light Theme, Dark Theme and Default Theme. If using a local custom theme, set for Default Theme.

    Light Theme:

    Dark Theme:

    Default Theme:
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  • Whoa! Very nice, Sonny!

    Thank you! image
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    Since you seem to have eliminated the plain Comment button and left the #CommentGroup only, is there a better (more ... attractive?) way to do it? Like, instead of that long string of characters use a color, for instance? So, instead of looking like this:
    the commented block will be in red (or some customizable color)? Or maybe something like this:

    /* COMMENTED #CharacterCountLabel
    { display: none !important; } */

    IMO, it's easier to spot if you forget what you have commented.

    I like how fast cursor goes to errors now. Great, thanks a lot!
    I'm not sure if it's my setup or yours but the findbar is waaaay too wide stretching the editor window. I had to write a code to shorten it as you have it set to width: 550px for some reason. If anybody is interested:

    #stylishCustomToolbox #SearchBox,
    #stylishCustomToolbox #ReplaceBox
    { min-width: 100px !important;
    width: auto !important; }

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    No, the /* Comment */ button is there:
    (Default Theme)

    and no, individual lines can not be broken down by color. It's all or nothing. The #internal-code area is just one large textbox and not separate lines.
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    Well then, we have a problem. I can't find the CommentText button anywhere and have to use CommentGroup. That's why i thought you might have deleted it. But if i select Text or Icons & Text, i can see it. And this happened right after i installed the version you posted above.
    For the record, this happens with my icons style on or off:
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    That's because there is no icon for #CommentText button, only it's label of /* Comment */ is assigned to the button.
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    But i had it in the version(-s) i was using before this one:

    So, does it mean you're not going to assign an image to this one button?
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  • Yes, I will give it an image of this / * and the label of Comment * /
    Will post when updated.
  • How about making the CommentGroup more obvious? Something like:

    /* COMMENTED blahblahblah {codehere} */

    ... instead of that string that there's now (see my post above). Possible?
  • That button had an ID CommentText, i use this for years with no problems:

    { -moz-image-region: auto !important;
    list-style-image: url("image") !important; }

    I still don't understand why whatever happened effects this one button
  • Once I update, your code will be valid. I eliminated the 15 digit number for Comment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and made it:
    blah,blah,blah */
    Or would you want another format?
  • No, that's perfect, thanks!
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    I found a new button - 'Uncomment'? It does nothing when clicked. What is it about?
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    Wait! What it does is change the code style! I have my own way to this, like so:

    { color: red !important; }

    Click this button and it changes it to a 'proper' way, like this:

    blah {
    color: red !mportant;

    OK, but why is it called Uncomment?

    Oh, i see, it deletes all comments too .... wow. I won't be needing this. But it also jumps to the top of the code. This is always annoying as you loose your place in the code. It shouldn't do it, it should remain where the cursor is before clicking it. But, as i said, i don't really care, it will be sitting in the Customize window anyway, just saying.
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    Yeah, the button was for my personal use for troubleshooting styles. Many developers use many comment blocks, which makes it difficult to comment out large blocks of code in one chunck, so, if there are any comments, it removes them and formats the code to my preference, for easier scanning. Left pic is before un-comment and right pic after un-comment button click.
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    I see. I do use comments 'cause it makes it easier to fix should something go wrong. Especially if an element wasn't easy to identify, saves me some headache. But i can see how this can be used.
    I won't be styling it (for my silver icons style) unless somebody requests it ... running out of images to use! image

    Thanks, Sonny!
  • So, any news about disable/enable tags?
    I updated the 'wish list'.
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    I tried a couple different ways, but the way the list is constructed using DocumentFragment makes it difficult or not possible. I did however added another sorting function of Sort by: Id, as I work a lot with id's.

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  • Too bad. I was hoping this bug would eventually get fixed. I'm stunt that Jason refuses to do anything about it. It's a big flaw, in my opinion.
    But we've got a bigger problem: i can't export styles! Nothing happens when i click Select All or individual styles. This is really bad. I had to install previous version to save my styles.
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    No problem here, if this is the button you refer to.
    Also added the style name to the file inputbox of the filepicker with the extension of .css
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    No, i'm talking about SC toolbarbutton Rclick menu:


    It opens a window with all your styles where you select some or all/Export (opens file picker). I can no longer select any. But it works fine with all previous versions.
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    This is all I get on right-clicking any toolbar or toolbarbutton:
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    It's not in the editor, it's the SC toolbar button:


    NM, it works in another profile .... bummer.

    Go figure this one ... i disabled my style for stylish and it looked good (checks where there, to start with). I enabled the style again and it was still working ... Whatthe?!?!
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